Tuesday, January 6, 2009

We Generally Yell Loudly Enough When Things Are Mishandled

The ticket machines at my light rail station are on the outs.  This morning, the one on the north side refuses to accept tickets.  The one on the south side, first refused my ticket, then claimed to validate it but ATE it and refused to return it.


When I got to work, I emailed Regional Transit customer service about the problem.


How pleased I am to report that I received and answering email this afternoon informing me that they are aware of the problem, working on it, and will send me a replacement ticket for the one that was "eaten."


It is nice to know that customer service is not completely dead. 


Another company also got an email from me today –


I just thought I should let you know about a situation that may have cost you about $500-$600 in sales this Christmas shopping season.


In the store one Friday evening, I noticed that some of your cameras were on sale.  I came back the next morning with my consultant/advisor son.  The sale signs were down.  A store clerk did come by just then and I asked if a sale had just ended.  "No, it ends tomorrow. "  So, why were the signs taken down so early?!  He didn't know or care.  Nor was he helpful with information about the cameras - prices, features, availabilty. 


I went to another store  where the clerk was interested and helpful, and bought a camera each for two of my sons and myself, plus case and memory cards.


I would advise you to train your staff to have appropriate signs up, know a little about your products,  and to act a little interested - but not, of course, hover and harrass.


Yet another company I called and emailed recently about replacement parts for a product, purchased admittedly years ago, was alternately unresponsive, uninformed, and bordering rude.


So, Three Cheers for Regional Transit for a quick and polite response!


  1. that is so irksome. Although lately it hasn't taken much to annoy me.

    So many businesses have lost the art of customer service.

  2. How very satisfying that you got some kind of response from the transit authority! The other responses seem to be more and more typical these days. I found glass in some frozen veggies and haven't heard from the company in months, though they claimed they were moving heaven and earth and would let me know soon.