Monday, January 19, 2009

My Car Failed

Andrew had a driver's license test scheduled Thursday.

The examiner asked him to roll down the driver's window.

Andrew told him, "Sorry, it doesn't work."

"Then you can't take the test."

We decided he should roll down the window. It rolls down; it just doesn't want to go UP again.

He put the window down.

"Honk your horn."

The horn did not honk. Tried it with the engine on. Still no honk.

And that was it. No test. Andrew had to reschedule. Next available appointment mid February. I may have him see if there are any dates available at other DMV offices.

So, after going to the Sacramento Community College for the Business Law class I will be taking , we went to AAA to arrange to take my car in.

I dropped Goldie off Friday morning and walked to light rail a few blocks away, reversing the procedure to pick it up after work.

SMOGged, oil change and horn. $250 The window will have to wait. For parts and $450 per window. Both front windows need it, but only the driver's side is likely to get fixed. sigh, it could be worse.

1 comment:

  1. Uh-oh...

    My car would also not pass.

    The driver's side window stopped working just before it got cold out... and one of the two windshield wipers is "uncooperative" (an easy fix).

    The sunroof has never worked (for me), and the side view mirror on the passanger side broke off (my own fault)...

    I understand the feeling!