Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Who steals my purse steals trash...

William Shakespeare, "Othello", Act 3 scene 3

I don't think my purse was trash at all, Willie boy.

In fact, I rather liked it. It was a little black backpack purse. (I also had an actual school back pack full of stuff stolen.) I had JUST BOUGHT IT right before Christmas while gift shopping, to replace a similar one that I had bought back when a friend and I were getting ready to go to a week long science camp with our boys which was pretty worn out. I hated to part with it, but did last week. Otherwise I would be using it again now - waiting for the strap to finally break again. But anyway....

I spent much of the morning filing my police report on-line, canceling cards, closing accounts, etc., but things are going along fairly smoothly with all that. I think. I do keep remembering more people I need to contact, so the work may go on for awhile!

In flagrant flaunting of the law, I DID drive unlicensed to my credit union on the other side of town where they issued me some cash, a few temporary checks, and a new ATM card. I stopped by the Sacramento City College downtown office to replace my student ID including Regional Transit pass, the student used bookstore to replace my textbook, the DMV to replace my driver's license (had to go in geographical order - after getting the necessary money), and even the grocery store where I got milk AND ice cream. I have not (yet) eaten any of the ice cream, although I feel like eating conspicuous amounts. I am seriously considering a carcinogenic hamburger.

As I type, a guy is in my driveway replacing the window on my car.

Oh, he's done now. Good. And he even left the window up.

I had thought I might be able to take care of both problems with the window - shattered glass and power up issues - at the same time, but no, different specialties. Then I feared he would leave the window down -we are just getting some much needed rain (I hope we get significant amounts, but it is not expected) - and I would have to spend an hour or so trying to coax it up.

Difficult decisions - can I afford to (because we know I want to) replace my much loved and constantly used Palm (PDA) and also loved new camera. Whom am I kidding? I am going to tap into my savings (for other purposes) and do it. Most likely. I feel guilty. I need to save for Andrew's mission and house repairs. If I don't, I will feel sad and bereft and cheated. I will look at the numbers. I think I can do it.

While not exactly great, it is not the worst day ever. There is much to be thankful for. All my Palm data is on my desktop, so I have access to the information. Nobody was hurt. Only the window was damaged. I am pretty sure I am making all the necessary connections. Being fiscally responsible means there is a little money available for small emergencies. Necessary replacements of IDs etc are being effected. Family and friends give great comfort and support.

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