Friday, January 23, 2009

On other fronts

While, I have not had a perfect week, some good news has come in from some of my children:

Debi - finally has a signed agreement from the bank on the house she is buying. Good thing, as she is supposed to be out of her current residence in mid-February, if I remember right.

Miriam - just started work for California Department of Corrections after being downsized from her office manager job for a small woodworking shop in September. Her first day, yesterday, went really well. Her job is close to where she lives and not far from where Debi works. They are talking about getting together for lunch sometimes.

and this from Teresa :

I just wanted to give you a quick update on David's exciting (but perhaps not so surprising) news we received this week....

HE PAST THE FE (Fundamentals of Engineering) EXAM, AND IS NOW A CERTIFIED -no I didn't say certifiable- EIT - ENGINEER IN TRAINING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is the beginning of David's track to becoming a Structural Engineer, which is years and lots of experience away, but he's just taken a huge step in the process. I know, and you know, it was not all that difficult an exam for him...but it is still a huge success, and I just wanted to let you know! Can you tell, I'm proud of him?!?!?!?!?!? :-)

He took the exam in October and we found out a couple of days ago when he opened the small, white envelope and read...CONGRATULATIONS! :-) Whew! We can really throw away all those test prep pieces of junk mail! (We weren't worried....) We have the letter as the temporary certification, with the official certificate to follow shortly. Also...he took the exam during a really challenging quarter, without hardly reviewing/studying for it - I tell you, he's brilliant!! And he came out of the quarter quite well also...


  1. Congratulations to David! That's very exciting. And also congrats to all the others who have jobs, old and new.

  2. Yay for Debi, David, and Miriam. I hope all their endeavors are fruitful and bring them happiness and financial security.

    I am glad things seem to be going so well for you. You deserve all the happiness.