Monday, April 27, 2009

Chocolate Lab?

Entering my room after church, I faced devastation. (worse than usual) The remains of the wrappers of at least 2 cup of soups, a new large bag of peanut M&Ms & a new bag of Ghiradelli Mint Chocolates (!!) scattered all over the floor. A very guilty looking black lab watching me warily from the front room. I was not happy.

She came to apologize while I was cleaning up, but I wouldn't let her in the room and after a few words of rebuke, I wouldn't talk to her either. I doubt that her apology was sincere. Oh, she was sorry enough that I was unhappy with her, but I doubt that she was truly repentant of eating all that chocolate except that now there was no more to eat. I gave her the cold shoulder until sometime after dinner and I kept the door to my room closed.

When I went to bed, I shut her out, not the usual thing. She whined and scratched at the door for over two hours. Finally, I let her in. However, the door stays closed while I am at work.

One reads that chocolate can be deadly for dogs, but she appears unscathed. Lots of darker than usual poop on our morning walk, but I didn't see any wrappers. Certainly no sign of stomach upset, either.

I shouldn't be too angry. We seem to share the same weaknesses. I have SLIGHTLY more self control. She is much better about wanting to exercise, however.

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  1. Oops. I have been putting Delilah out when we go anywhere because she is getting so naughty. She dumped out the trash the other day, dug for a buried (treasure??) diaper, and tore it all over the house. I am grateful I insist on the kids taking the dirties out to the bin. Yikes.

    I have heard chocolate is toxic too. Hopefully Anna will be fine, if not a little sorry.