Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Strike Two

We returned from helping at Ruth's soon-to-be new home - priming cupboards -after work Monday to find that Anna had another little surprise for us.

She had gone into the boys' room to conduct a raid on Joseph's food supplies.

Unlike the day before, when she made a mess of her little party in my bedroom, this time she painstackingly brought her loot out to the front room before opening it. There was a good bit of unidentifiable wrappers scattered about, an unopened bag of potato soup on her dog bed, and expensive Belgium cocoa mix opened and spread all over the floor.

While we were at Ruth's, Debi told me that Anna was punishing me for being gone last week. I think this may be so. I think it is interesting that she didn't make the mess in the boys' room. She certainly seems to have known what she was doing.

What a naughty dog!

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  1. Ooh, she is mad! What a naughty dog! Let's hope it stops at two strikes!