Sunday, April 12, 2009


It is not a great idea to post about any projects, especially gifts, you are pursuing, if like me, you tend to mess up. Especially a lot.

As I mentioned before, after 2 months of work, I realized my baby blanket was severely misshapen. I spent about 3 hours ripping it out and started over. A couple of days after conference - 8 plus or so hours of crocheting later, I saw that I erred in the other direction and ripped a large portion out again. Committed, I struggled on. Is is straight? Is it even? Is it even half the intended size? None of the above.

Is there any hope of finishing on time, even leaving it sadly misshapen? Not much.

Yet I have public committed to this project.

oh, the frustration and humiliation

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  1. You can always give it to them a little later than planned. I know you wanted to give it when you are in Utah this month, but it will be very useful and appreciated later, too. :)