Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Nearly Perfect Day

Andrew and I drove from California Monday - enjoyed some good talk CDs (thank you Sariah! and Tom!) and some conference talks. Somewhat to my disappointment, we did almost no singing. If Benjamin had known that would be the case, would he have come? An uneventful drive. (hooray) We thought a little about the pioneers crossing that landscape. I am in awe of the courage and fortitude of those people!

After a few misturns (thanks to the "navigator" -me) we arrived at Tim and Erin Adair's home in time to interrupt their Family Home Evening lesson. Benjamin called us for family prayer, so we stepped out on the porch for a minute. Ah the wonders of mondern technology! Phones! Speaker phones!

Chateau Adair provides lovely accomadations, amenities and company, I must say!

Tuesday, Andrew and I enjoyed a practically perfect day. Tim drove us all in to Salt Lake City as he works in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building right next to Temple Square.OK, a couple of less than perfect things. Benjamin called to tell us that our little yellow cockatiel had died (but the grey one seems ok) and that there are concerns about our elderly next door neigbhor who is back at home again when she should be in assisted living. Also, alas, our fair companion and tour guide-to-be, Erin, was called back home to help her sister-in-law with her brand new baby. Our good friend and new grandma had fallen ill. That was the only damper. And, rudely perhaps, our spirits and experience was not much damped by our friends' difficulties.

We went first to Mr Mac's where we purchased a new wool suit, a pair of shoes, a sweater and a coat. We were surprised to learn that the shoes I had always heard were "the missionary shoes" are no longer carried there because apparently they do not give enough insole support and some missionaries were developing foot problems. We ended up with a second pair of the same brand that we got in Sacramento. I am really happy with the coat we got him. It will not be his serious winter coat, that he will get in Canada. This one, however, is a good multi-purpose coat. It has a warm under coat which can be worn alone or with the weather resisitant over coat which can also be worn alone should the weather be wet but not cold. We picked up a pair of gloves and a tie hanger as well. Shopping done, we left the suit to be hemmed and the rest of our purchases there as we set out to enjoy Temple Square.

On the way back to the Square itself we stopped to tour The Beehive House. All day long we were amazed again and again at the great and lasting beauty created by people in such difficult circumstances! We enjoyed a "second breakfast" at The Nauvoo Cafe - highly recommended by Ruth who has gone there repeatedly during Stampin'Up convention and conveniently located in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Quite good and reasonably priced. We took our food outside and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather and the view of the Salt Lake Temple.

Finally, we went on to Temple Square itself, beginning with the 30 minute over all tour. We quickly realized that one day is not really enough to spend on Temple Square. So much to see and take in! I was particularly interested in the model of Jerusalem at the time of Christ. To sit at the feet of the Christus Statue is a profound experience.

Soon it was time to meet Tim (who had not had a second breakfast) for lunch. Again, we went to the Nauvoo Cafe where Andrew and I shared a delious sandwich and Tim enjoyed turkey pot pie.

After lunch, Andrew and I did a session in the Salt Lake Temple. What a beautiful building constructed with such faith, love and sacrifice! In most temples, instruction is largely given through the use of modern recordings - beautifully and clearly. This session was live. The words were the same, but one had a slightly different perspective. How blessed we are to be able to recieve the benefits of both the old and the new!

I don't remember if we toured the Conference Center before or after lunch. It,too, of course, was amazing.

We had a little more time on Temple Square before meeting Tim to go "home." Every bit of it is beautiful. At every turn one is inspired. My enjoyment was greatly enhanced by Andrew's appreciation and spiritual sensitivity.

We picked up Andrew's things at Mr Mac's, enjoyed the grand lobby (complete with piano playing) in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, then went home with Tim.

The evening was spent at the home of the Larsons. AJ & Stephanie (and Maddie!) are living with AJ & Erin's folks. How convenient to be able to visit so many dear friends at one location! However, as I was visiting Melanie mostly and we are not entirely sure of the nature of her malady, I stayed clear of Maddie and company.

While Melanie and I were visiting, I think I heard Kent sharing missionary experiences and advice with Andrew.

Again, we were able to have Family Prayer with Joseph and Benjamin via speaker phone.

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