Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pooped and perpetually procrastinating people prevent proper paschal pleasures.

The holidays bear down on me with relentless and alarming rapidity. I no sooner heave a sigh of relief, then the next celebratory occasion looms. Of course, it is not the days of observance themselves that wear one down. Certainly not the reasons for observances! They lift the spirits.
However, sometimes it is the traditional ways of observance. To which I would happily cling - if only I had the strength.

Rejoicing in the life and mission of Christ I can manage in my heart.

But this year, especially, preparation for the pleasant holiday traditions got pretty much lost in the abundance of life. I barely (actually don't really) manage this whole working mother thing. If I make dinner after work, that may well be all I accomplish before collapse. We usually manage to get to meetings, but study and housework suffer sadly. Preparation for special events may or may not happen, certainly not to the extent one would like. Birthdays, conference, and mostly lately trying to get my Andrew outfitted for 2 years in Canada have kept me quite occupied.

Now it's Easter! Aren't there supposed to be baskets full of goodies and cleverly hidden eggs? I did, of course manage to obtain some chocolate for filling plastic eggs. Imagine my surprise, when one by one each of us in the house expressed minimal desire to hunt for our traditional 5 eggs each hidden with love? and glee! I think my last egg from last year was finally found for me about a month ago.

We did agree on and carry out a project, but it's secret. I can just say that it involved clandestine activities, drive-by reconnoitering, stealthy stashing, - and hoping that overly observant neighbors - why weren't they in bed?! - neither snitch nor snatch.

Our plastic egg supply is greatly diminished. Monday, I should check the markdown baskets for replacements.

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