Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tooth and Law

This morning I had a tooth pulled and Andrew had what we hope is his
last dental visit for 2 years. He had the beginnings of a little
cavity. Me – I seem to be losing my grip. Every once in a while one
of my teeth just gets loose. Eventually, it gets loose enough that
the dentist pulls it out. He says it's nothing I am doing wrong, but
it hurts my self-esteem. Fortunately, with a good kind gentle dentist
and modern dentistry, it doesn't hurt my body. – OK, a little
head-achey this afternoon, but not much.

I made it to my Business Law class and then came to work. Good news
at class. We got the results of Exam #2 (of only 3) and I got an A !
In fact, I only missed one question, which I really should have gotten
right if I had been thinking. With the results of the first two
exams, plus the 10 mercy points he gives, plus 60 points for
attendance – I have enough points for a high "D" so far. But, looking
at it another way, because that way was depressing, I can miss as many
as 17 questions in the next 60 question exam and still squeak by with
an A. As so far I have missed 5 and 1 points, I think if I keep on
as I have I should be safe. : )

Andrew is packing and re-packing like crazy. And reviewing his lists.
Everything he needs for 2 years into 2 suitcases and a backpack..
Each under 50 lbs. I don't know if he has tried weighing them yet.

I think my part is almost done except for a few little things he has
found that we don't' have yet – batteries for his alarm clock (AAA),
Tide to Go. My part as far as getting HIM ready.

Saturday all his siblings will be here. Most of the "card carrying"
family members will be going to the temple together Saturday morning.
Then a change of clothes and a bite to eat and over to Debi's "new"
(old) house to help her clean and paint cabinets so she can put away
food and dishes. Meanwhile I will be trying to figure out food for an
Open House after church Sunday. Andrew has requested "Chinese"
dinner. After that, we will just relax together, maybe play games.
Sunday Andrew will speak in Sacrament Meeting and Sariah will play
"I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go.". Immediately after church, he will
be set apart. A little later, the Open House.

Monday morning, hopefully as soon as Benjamin and I get back from
Seminary, Andrew and I will head for Utah. (IF I have packed my bag
by then) Tuesday, we will finish some shopping at Mr Mac's and visit
Temple Square. Maybe attend the Salt Lake Temple, but I haven't made
reservations yet! Wednesday, he goes to the MTC and I decompose.
Thursday and Friday, I will visit with dear friends. Saturday I drive

Joseph and Benjamin will hold down the fort at home

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  1. Oh, I hope it is a lovely (if heart-breaking) time. The best to you and your missionary!