Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Good Bad Dog

Ben told me that last night Anna was pressed against the door gagging. He let her out and she "booked it" out into the yard where she hurled. (Wish the hairball cats would learn that trick).

Apparently, there is a delayed reaction to too much chocolate. This morning there were wrappers in our morning walk "pick-up."

I wish her feeble doggie brain would connect the throwing up to the eating the chocolate, but I have little hope for that. Besides, vengeance was definitely as much motive as gluttony.


  1. I doubt she will ever make the connection, but at least she wants to hurl outside. Dee has done it in the living room, with her door standing open. There was a lot of pointing and hopping (me) and head hanging that day. Eww.

    Perhaps the wrappers didn't agree with her??

    Let's hope she is done with her naughty behavior for a while. :)

  2. I am just so happy she did the hurling somewhere other than the top of your bed or in the hall. Poor doggie.