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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dear Benjamin,

I am upset! It is 11pm. I have been writing to you for about an hour on Dear Elder. Somehow I must have touched a wrong button or something because Sophie switched pages on the web site. Actually it happened twice. The first time, I clicked the back arrow & went back to the letter page & everything was find. The second time the letter was GONE. I need to remember not to type on Dear Elder, but to copy and paste after writing it on a word processer. Maybe I should do it in Google docs which does auto save. Except for some reason, I don’t think I can copy and paste from Google docs to Dear Elder. I have to copy to the word processor, then I can copy to Dear Elder. whew Somewhere along the way the spacing sometimes gets messed up too.  You may have noticed, although I usually try to check & fix.  Great! copy and paste doesn’t work either.  I will try to email it to myself and then copy it. Nope.  This is frustrating! I dont'know why, but finally copy & did work. Except, probably
  because I tried more than once, it paste more than once so that it exceeded allowed characters & had problems.  But I think we are good to go know.  I hope!

Well it wasn’t all that interesting.  I told you that every time I went to write today’s date, I nearly wrote 1951.

Thank you for the lovely birthday letter!  I assume that the all Korean one is the same?  It is amazing how well you are learning Korean!  Don’t forget English!  I want to be able to write to you & to be able to read your letters.

I took today off from work so it rather felt like a Saturday and I nearly forgot that it was a Dear Elder night.  On the weekend, it is “optional” because they don’t deliver on weekends, do they?  But I did write, but Sophie is still mad at me for dropping her that time.  Our relationship has never been the same.

This morning we had the door to the Den of Happiness open with just the baby gate in place.  Felicity hopped out with Anna right there.  Anna was good, but when she got a little too nosey, Felicity got a little nervous (not much, really) and we put her back.  Anyway, pet distractions made Joseph late & he missed his train.  

I drove him to work - nervously - the tank was nearly empty.  The “check gages” light was on.  However, I did make it & I made it to Costco.   $49.73 for gas!!

On the way home, I stopped at the ATM by church to deposit your treat money from Sister Owings (Sep & Oct) and Joseph’s “rent” check.  The ATM does not use envelopes!  There are no envelopes or envelope dispensers there!  You just put your money or check right in the machine!  I put the $10 in one 5 at time, but you are supposed to put them in together.   When I deposited Joseph’s check, I had the option of a regular reciept or one with a picture of the check!  ah, technology!

I went to Home Depot for some landscape fabric stables - which I did not get around to using.  I also got little lights for the pots cupboard.  You attach the light in the cupboard and a magnet on the door so they almost touch.  When you open the door, the light comes on!  Except I did not properly clean the surface so the magnet on one side of the cupboard and the light on the other keep falling down.  Must find my super glue now because the little sticky things are not sticky anymore.  Fortunately, the lights have an on/off switch.  I forgot to get a flapper thing for the toilet!

I had planned to hitch up the trailer and get SMUD mulch.  Two things happened.  1) I could not undo the hitch.  The key went in &, if I remember right, turned, but the lock mechanism did not move.  I wonder if a bar has moved and pressed agains the lock from when the car scrapes going in & out of low driveways? I cannot remember the exact position of the bar before.  grrr  2) I realized that I was NOT going to shovel a trailer full of mulch by myself (Joseph was at work & Andrew at school then with Dad).  So I put the bags & a couple of shovels (not sure which one I would want) in the car.  I only mostly filled two bags.  As it was they were nearly too heavy for me.  When I got home, I dragged one bag.  mistake.  Naturally the bag tore open, leaving a trail from the car into the yard.  I realized near the mailbox that I was losing load.  Another step or two and I would have been pulling an empty bag, or what was left of one.

I pulled weeds for about an hour & a half.  I pulled weeds under the camellia & for about 6 inches by the mailbox.  THAT IS ALL.  I was dirty, sore & tired.  YOU ARE AMAZING.  Did I tell you that the missionary service pulling weeds for us got postponed due to Andrew’s friend’s visit?  I think they will come this Friday.  blessings on them!

During the time I was in the house, I opened up the Den of Happiness.  The Happiness Twiins were all over the place.  They spent some time in the front window.  From there they watched me set up the crate we used when Velox was sick.  I thought they might come outside while I weeded.  They looked at that crate & ran.  Felicia ran from me. When I managed to catch her, I petted her & put her in her room.  Felicity did not seem thrilled but she didn’t really run away, soI put her in the crate.  She did not like it.  So she went with her sister.  But when I was in the house, they were quite comfortable going all over with no concern at all about Anna.  Velox was outside somewhere as she has been most of the time since they came.  She is NOT PLEASED.  Neither is poor Mrs Cotton.  The cats apparently got the memo that dogs and cats can live peaceably together, but missed the one on cats & birds.  Several times I had to clap my hands & scold.  Not great for the bonding process, but
 not deadly.  I don’t know where the spary bottles are.  May have to get more.  When we put the girls in their room for the night, Felicity let herself out by opening the folding doors!  Smart, curious, pretty strong, I guess.  These cats are TRUH-BLE.  Oh so cute.  

I think that is most of the news of the day.And the day is about over. 11:59

Good night!  I love you!

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