Saturday, September 1, 2012

Twice the Happiness

I never thought of myself as a person who cannot resist a sale, but when a certain 99cent special came on, I felt an irresistable urge. 

Unfortunately, the "shop" closes at 5 which is when I get off work  and the August sale ended Friday. 

Fortunately, they extended the sale today for people like me. 

I wish I could have bought out the store! Every one was enchanting and almost irresistable.  I settled for two, but may go back for one more.

The guys and I went down to the City Shelter for their Feline Frenzy 99 cent special.  All the cats who were not napping, begged to be loved.  I was quickly attracted to a pair of sisters Felicia and Felicity, 7month old tortoise shells.  A worker heard that we already had a cat and a dog, and enthusiastically told us about Flower, a lovely black and white medium long hair who just came in from foster car where she loved a Lab and another dog as well as other cats.  She was delightful!  Except for being a little out of sorts because she just got moved back into the shelter from a home (foster home) and her baby just left her to look for its own home.  We all really liked her.  But I kept thinking about the twins.  So we met them, too.  And, of course, found them charming.  We sent all the kitties back to their kennels and walked back and forth looking at them and trying to decide.  And crying. At least I was.  I wanted to save them all.

It was Joseph who asked what the legal limit is here in Sacramento.  Five.  (Wow! we could even pick another one!)

Finally, I decided on the sisters.  Ever since I heard about the sale I have been thinking that I might adopt a cat - or two.  The or two thought just kept popping up.  The gal that moved Felicia and Felicity from the kitten kennel said that she had a feeling that they would be adopted TOGETHER TODAY. It seems that it was meant to be.

We could not bring them home today.  They have to stay for their spay surgery until Thursday.  I will have to get off early to pick them up. Family sick leave? 

I may will probably check on Flower while I am there and possibly order her surgery (in other words, adopt her)  I wonder if I can push that 99 cent thing or have to pay the regular $65.  Which is still not that bad a deal as it includes surgery, rabies shot, microchipping, and a small bag of food. Oh, and licensing which is something I admit we have "overlooked" with our cats in the past.  Now they will have our number and I will have to license them every year. 

I am sure Anna will be excited.  We hope that Vellox will take it well.  

The new girls will start off in "the office" as their sanctuary room.  Hopefully, it won't take too long before everyone can share the house.  (Especially as I hope the sanctuary room can be available for Flower next week - unless of course someone else gets her first)

I thought about re-naming them Thing One and Thing Two, which may become their nick names (or not), but they are Felcia and Felicity.

I feel sad about all the cat and dogs we left behind.  But I look forward to the double dose of happiness that we are bringing into our home.

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