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Wednesday, 2012.09.12
Dear Benjamin,

2012.09.12Mom1     Alas  & alack!  I rushed off without my phone or my iPod Touch.  I feel vulnerable & as if a part of me is missing.  But I do have my temple clothes in the car, I am sure I turned my lights off & I have my car key.  I even made a roast beef wrap for supper.  I should be good to go to the temple tonight.  Lucky you!  All you have to do is walk up the hill with your companion.  How often do you get to go?  The Single Adults have get-togethers on Wednesdays.  The poor rep keeps leaving messages on the phone.  But I don’t have time or energy to join the Singles.  I don’t have time for the friends & family I already have.  Also, I like Wednesday temple days.  For one thing, it gives me 2 days biking (most weeks), a day off, & 2 days biking.  Makes for better balance.

2012.09.12Mom2     I am especially unhappy about not having my phone today because Andrew is supposed to go do nature observation for 4 hours.  He is going to be down by the river.  I am not so concerned about the wild animals as I am about the humans he may (or hopefully NOT) encounter.  I will be very glad to get home tonight and see him again.  If I DON”T see him when I get home, there will be panic.  And police action and ward alert!  For one of his classes he needs to spend several visits doing observations and taking notes and pictures.  For at least half an hour, he is supposed to “be a post” – totally still and quiet.  I hope he remembers insect repellant.  I hope he enjoys his nature time, too.  He is supposed to observe and record at least 5 plants and 5 animals, if I remember correctly.

2012.09.12Mom3   10pm  hahahaha The joke is on me.  I DID have my phone.  As I found out when my catch-light-rail-to-go-to-the-temple alarm went off.  I had just put them in the wrong pocket.  Of course then I texted Andrew asking him to let me know he had not been devoured by wild beasts.  But of course, he did NOT because (as I found out later) HE had left his phone at home.  He had a good time doing his nature observation for Natural History and excitedly told me that he found poop with flies and ants.  good times, I tell you.  : S  He also saw a jack rabbit and lots of birds - hard to photograph - those.  A lizard that was easy to photograph and I don’t remember what all.  

2012.09.12Mom4     I FB message/chatted with Sariah a bit about my concerns about the moral direction of Once Upon a Time.  She maintains that the fairy tale world is reality and nothing is right in Storybrook because it is the curse.   true, that is the premise.  But people are living their lives in Storybrook and that is their reality.  For the last 28 years. They apparently have no knowledge/curiosity about life before.  Prince Charming and Snow White were married in fairytale land.  Prince Charming went from being (apparently) dead in the castle to being in a coma for 28 years in Storybrook - so when did he get married?  But his wife and the mayor say he is married and I think he has memory coming back, and they thought she might be pregnant so they are acting married, so he should not be having anything to do with Mary Margaret.  As Joseph points out, a person with amnesia should avoid romantic entanglements until he figures out a bit about who he is. We will watch more
 shows, but if my discomfort increases, we may have to give it up.  That’s alright.  Joseph has a Rangers Apprentice book to pick up, I think.  

2012.09.12Mom5     On light rail on Wednesdays, I am reading the autobiography of Frederick Douglas, born a slave in Maryland.  He observes how dehumanizing slavery is to both the slave and the slaveholder.  It is unbelievable how people have treated human beings!  He was relatively fortunate.  As a tot, he was cared for by a loving grandmother.  Some slave babies are take care of by a slave assigned to the job who doesn’t care about them.  He didn’t become a field slave.  I think he is a teenager now.  For the past few years he has taken care/been the companion of a boy in Boston and for the most part treated well.  For being a slave, of course.  His mistress started to teach him to read until the master scolded her off & warned her of the dangers of teaching a slave to read.  True. they start to learn things which can be dangerous to keeping them subjected.  She had gotten him off to a good enough start that he could continue on his own, with some help from other boys (white) who I think were not slave holders & not as prejudiced in their innocent youth.  He was an avid reader.  Also spiritual.  When he was around 13 (he actually never knew his age for sure, but could only guess), he would find torn thrown away pages of the Bible in the street & clean them up so he could read & study them.  How blessed we are in so many ways!

2012.09.12Mom6     I don’t know which kitty had the bad experience and scratched me last night, but she seems not to be too traumatized.  Both of them have visited my room and I have petted both of them since coming home from the temple.  And they went easily back to the Den of Happiness when we decided it was bedtime - and time for Velox to be able to be in the house if she wants.  She is just really not getting into having “sisters”.  Felicity and Felicia are totally fine with Anna.  Now, if we could get them to sign a peace treaty regarding Mrs Cotton!

2012.09.12Mom7     Sorry there’s not much tonight.  (Hardly worth numbering!)  You are ever in my prayers and in my heart.  Love you.   Mom (as you could tell by the paragraph numbers if not by the “wonderful” writing style and contetn)

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