Saturday, September 1, 2012

On the right side again

From the time that Benjamin got his driver's permit, I hardly ever got to drive.  Once he got his license, I hardly saw my car.  As much as I miss the dear lad (which is considerable), it is still a pleasant surprise every time I turn the corner onto our street as I bike home and see my car actually there in front of my house.  Of course, it would be something of an unpleasant surprise if it were not!

I have now had 3 1/2 weeks of being able to drive my car. 

It's over now. 

Since Benjamin got his license and I added him to my car insurance (STICKER SHOCK - adding Benjamin more than doubled my insurance cost.  I did get part of it back now that he is not driving my car any more. - Saving it for something special!)  Anyway, when we got his insurance the AAA lady indicated that it would have been considerably cheaper had he had a permit a lot longer.  So ever since I have been urging the other guys to get a permit, looking toward the day that one of us decides that it is necessary orand/ we can affordfor one or both of them to get licensed.

Yesterday, Andrew got his permit.

And I am back in the passenger seat.

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