Thursday, September 13, 2012


Benjamin requested that we number our paragraphs when we write to him on because if the typed pages get shuffled, it can be difficult to get letters back together in order.   Makes a bit of a funny looking letter.  And now you will know when I take out something.  oh well  Or you may safely assume that I have trouble counting anyway.

Tuesday, September 11, 2012 - at work

Dear Benjamin,

As I left for work this morning, I realized that I weeded more like 12 inches than 6.  Whooee!  I feel so much better now.

2012.09.11Mom2.     I will try to learn/remember to number paragraphs.  : )  I posted your request on your blog so I am sure your sisters will see it. 
2012.09.11Mom3.     Love the pictures!  They came just before I had to start work, so I had hardly more than a minute to look at them.  But I got them up to your blog on break.  I hope I didn’t mess up matching captions and pictures.  I am pretty sure I got them right.  One picture was missing, though – 2nd set – “Our district with the Koreans (The sun was very bright...)”

2012.09.11Mom4.     Did you know that my birthday is the same as Boyd K Packer’s?  Pretty cool, eh?

2012.09.11Mom5.     Today is the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attack.  Time to be grateful for emergency responders, time to appreciate our free country, and time to remember to value our loved ones better because we just never know…  Have I told you lately, how much you mean to me?  No, because there are not words adequate to express it.  I can only say I love you.  I like you.  I am proud of you.  I enjoy you.  I miss you, but I am very glad you are where you are.

2012.09.11Mom5a     We keep hearing/saying "Never Forget", "Always Remember" about September 11 and well we should remember. I find myself wondering, who remembers December 7th? and what others?  Some of my FB friends do, apparently.  good.

2012.09.11Mom6.     There is not much interesting to write about when I am at work! (Not that I am ever all that interesting)  My job is ok, and not usually too boring to do, but it’s nothing to write (from) home about. One of the gals (Lisa Long Neck) that I heard was out on medical disability is back.  No sign of the Free Will Baptist Minister, although his name is still on his cube and the in and out board.  In fact, Ruth (Young, Office Support) told me that she had taken or was about to take his name off the in and out board, but was told to leave it on.  It’s been a long, long time, but apparently there is a possibility that he will return. 

2012.09.11Mom7.     I think my work load lately is about right for a 3 or 4 day work week, probably 4, but 3 might be do-able..  When I have a day or two off here and there, the load seems about right.  How nice it would be to be able to afford a 3 or 3v3n 4 day work week!  But I remind myself that early workers worked 6 or 7 days.  No wonder they did not live as long! (and who would want to under those circumstances?!)

2012.09.11Mom8.     Did I tell you that after we put Felicia & Felicity to bed last night, Felicity let herself out by opening the folding doors?  Andrew (hopefully) blocked them so she cannot open them.  They were both there in the morning. : )

2012.09.11Mom9.      home again, home again jiggity jog - When I got home I opened the Door to the Den of Happiness.  Within minutes Felicity was bird hunting.  OUR bird.  It took Felicia a lot longer to come out, but she’s in on the game.  The kitties may begin to think I don’t like them as I keep clapping and scolding.  I cannot find our spray bottles, although I THOUGHT  we still had some.  Something to put on our shopping list.  

2012.09.11Mom10.    Tuesday Night/Busy Day Special.  aren’t you glad you are there instead of here! But I like it.  And Jospeh had seconds.

2012.09.11Mom11.       Joseph suddenly realized he had books due & the library would close in 7 minutes.  We all decided to go which meant locking up F&F.  Which they did not want.  Felicia became agitated as we chased her down the hall & out of the boys room.  Anna got in on the excitement just as I picked Felicia up. I think it was Felicia, not absolutely sure.  I got scratched & she is not happy with me. By the time we got to the library, it was closed & he used the book drop. I hope doesn't get fined. 

2012.09.11Mom12      We sometimes start an episode of Once Upon A Time when we sit down to dinner.  I am beginning to get concerned about watching it.  David (who was Prince Charming) is married.  Mary Margaret (Snow White.  They married in the fairy tale world) helped at the hospital where he lay in a coma for years.  When he began to revive, he had amnesia.  They developed feelings for each other.  Regina, the mayor found his wife.  He went home with his wife. They had had trouble in their marriage before his accident  & it’s awkward not remembering a lot of his life, although I think he is slowly recovering.  They are trying to make things work. But he & MM love each other.  I don’t like that in the show, we all know that the “right thing” is for Prince Charming and Snow White to be together, so David and Mary Margaret need to get together.  this is not good.

2012.09.11Mom13   10:20  I would like to write you a long, interesting letter so that you will know that I love you and am thinking of you, but I cannot think of anything interesting and I am tired. So this is it for now.  I love you & I think of & pray for you.
2012.09.11Mom14       (This numbering seems a bit ridiculous.  I will be interested to know if it helps) I will try to write tomorrow, but it’s temple day & I know you don’t want me to miss that.  If you don’t get a letter Thursday, blame the temple.  : )      Love, Mom

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