Saturday, September 1, 2012


 When members of my church donated hours and hours and hours of work fixing up my disaster of a kitchen (And I do thank you and am still grateful!), I chose to replace my rotted, worn to the floorboard ugly linoleum with tile.  

I love the small hexagon tiles on my bathroom floor.  Conventional wisdom was that the hexagon tiles are too small and would not look good in a room as large as a kitchen, even a small kitchen.  Since then I have seen pictures of a large family room completely done in pennies which are considerably smaller and they looked great. 

I considered linoleum.  But tile supposedly lasts longer and my contractor (one of those who donated his time) said my sub floor was good enough for tile.  So I went with large (what? 12x12?) tile squares.  Which looked great.  For a couple of days.

We followed the directions for letting the grout cure, but even so EVERY time we sweep (sweep, swept, have or do sweep) grout comes up.  It will stop eventually.  We will run out of grout. 

One tile cracked when we put the refridgertor in.  Another when we dropped a heavy dish.  There a couple of other cracks I don't know the cause.  A couple of tiles are completely loose.  Step on one end, the other rises. Some of the tiles try to trip me. 

I do not love my tile floor. 

Today, on one of those home improvement shows, the expert extolled the virtues of the small hexagon tiles, including that they would conform and move with the floor better than the rigid large squares.   arrrgh!  I should have gone with the hexagons I like so much in the bathroom!

When I can gather up the fortituded and money, I need to replace the floor.  Will I do small hexagons or will I do linoleum?  

I need to do some more learning and thinking.  I THINK linoleum would be cheaper and easier.  And not crack when I drop something. Or be as likely to break the something.  Or both.  I have seen some kitchens with linoleum I really like.  So maybe..

Well, I have plenty of time to decide.  I am NOT looking forward to emptying out the entire kitchen again.  Nor have I done any estimates. 

I keep thinking of Ernie's "L" song.

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