Saturday, August 25, 2012

How Do You Feel About Chocolate?

 My friends at Leas of Lychten ask How Do You Feel About Chocolate?

How do I feel about chocolate?  IF the prophet said to stop eating chocolate, I would.  My doctor has no such effect.

If the prophet said to stop eating chocolate, I would.  If my Stake President or Bishop, speaking as a leader and representative of the Lord, said to stop eating chocolate, I would.  

If he did not say something to the effect of "thus saith the Lord" I would ask him if he spoke as a man or as a representative.  If as a man, I would politely decline to follow his admonition.

Fortunately, at many a church activity we have had chocolate with Bishop awareness and approval.  Chocolate milk is available in the Bishop's Storeshouse which provides food and commodities to (mostly) members in time of need. I therefore conclude that chocolate is not banned by the Lord nor His servants.

All things in moderation.  Whatever that means.  I would be quite happy with chocolate in my mouth almost every waking moment.  Anything less than that I consider moderation.

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  1. I neglected to mention that when I say chocolate, I mean dark chocolate 60-80% is good. I no longer care so much for mild chocolate and do not care for a waxy taste and feel to my chocolate either. Amberlyn sugar free chocolate is quite good. Lindt dark chcolate tuffles - mmmmm. Dark Chocolate M&Ms are not bad. Baking chocolate, too. You can let dark chocolate sit and your mouth and just spread happiness inside.

    I read that dark chocolate is a good source of antioxidants or some such healthy sounding thing. The amount they recommend seems rather stingy, however.