Sunday, August 12, 2012

I saw neat things, but have no pictures. Sorry

Thursday Melanie, Kent and I went to the exhibit "Beauty and Belief" (Islamic art) on display through sometime in September in the BYU Museum of Art. Interesting and beautiful, but not my style. I don't know how much it increased my understanding and appreciation for Islam, but it was pretty cool. I liked seeing a big long scroll full of prayers and quotations from the prophet (or so the plaque said) rolled out on a ramp like a slide. The writing is pretty. Lots of woodwork, brass work and cloth. Bowls made out of various materials. I would have loved a closer look at a pair of scissors in the shape of a bird with the blades as the beak. In one cool place, you look through a little porthole and see a horse. The horse has all these animals making it up. A fox makes the top of its head, another animal its muzzle. Lots of different animals and a person. When you move over and looked through another viewing window, you see that it is not one piece of art, but several. Each animal is hanging at a different height and a different distance from the window. You see each one distinctly and individually, not as part of a horse. Hard to describe, but pretty cool. Islamic art emphasizes the Part of the Whole (or something like that) and patterns. Patterns suggest infinity. Representations of simple things created with geometric patterns, figures be arranged in patterns or shapes. "God is beauty and God loves beauty."

We also walked through "Life in a Hard Land" iconic art of the Southwest and "In the Shadow of Timpanogos" photography of the mountain area here. The photography was beautiful. My favorite of the exhibits. But I didn't pick a picture for my fantasy house. ; )

Then they took me out to burgers at a dine-in burger place. We "upgraded" to sweet potato fries, but I think I personally prefer regular fries.

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