Tuesday, August 21, 2012


Today started off quite well.  The nice Willits Librarians emailed me a copy of my birth announcement in the Willits News September 14, 1951.  I have a photo copy taken from micro film.  Not an original.  Not certified.  Still, I hope that the passport people will accept it.  If not, I know where it is.

Tuesday is P-day (Preparation Day) for Elder Robarts.  The day he gets a little bit of time to receive and send emails.  I watched my emails all day.  And did not get an email from him.

A snippet of a Facebook conversation about this:
Me: "I suspect that he read some emails, answered some emails, and ran out of time.  *Like* if you think Mom should come first - especially since Mom shares. = S"
Debi Robarts "I think Debi should come first."
( She did not get an email, either)

On the way to and not far from home, Joseph saw a little lost dog.  He spent the entire evening, along with Andrew, trying to coax, entice, catch the little dog so we could feed it and help it and try to find its owner.  (And then be stuck deciding whether to keep it or to take it to the SPCA) Not sure how Anna would take to the little stranger, but that's a moot point because the poor canine resisted all advances and eluded my sons.  He did get a couple of hot dogs and a couple of crackers out of the deal, but remains lost, lonely, scared, and apparently in not very good health. Local people said he had been around for a while.  I think someone said they would call Animal Control.  Probably a death sentence.  hopefully more merciful than starvation or being hit by a car.  We are sad, but the guys really tried. 

Meanwhile I spent the entire evening working on the supplemental worksheet from the passport department.  Can you list every address you ever lived and when?  As well as every school?  I can NOT. My memory for dates and details is so bad, it's a wonder I know my current address.  Another thing I lack is organized records. 

But why must I account for every place I have ever lived to establish that I am a a passport worthy actual American citizen???  I was born on USA soil - well, not on the soil, but in a nice little hospital - of US citizens.  I am quite certain that my mother, at least, was a natural born US citizen.  I have her birth certificate. (Mater Misericordiae Hospital) (??!!) (Sacramento, California) My birth father, I think so.  But he was born in the Philippines before WWII, so I actually don't know.  Shhh! don't tell the Department of State THAT. My legal on my birth certificate father WAS born in the USA.  Does that count?  I sent for his birth certificate, but won't wait for it to come before sending my documentation in - IF I GET THIS WORKSHEET DONE.

It's my bedtime and I am not done.  But I am going to work on it some more.  And hopefully finish tonight.  Dare I dream? 

Back to the Passport Papers.

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