Sunday, August 12, 2012

Wheels West

  Saturday I headed home alone.  Even though Benjamin was already two years away no matter where either of us are, it felt a little bit like leaving him.  But, time to go home to my family. : )

If I remember correctly, this plaque talks about old time vacation resorts on the Great Salt Lake.

I am trying to learn to do photos of myself like Benjamin, even though I do not have nearly as good a subject.  With the Great Salt Lake behind me.  One cannot capture by camera the immensity of this lake.  It is BIG. But it is not like the ocean which has certain freshness. and waves and tides.

Driving miles and miles through miles and miles

The Salt Flats - which go on and on and on

Hard, dry, cracked salt - the Salt Flats

The Salt Flats and me - I may be cracked, but I am not hard and dry. 

I am sure this tree did not occur naturally here at the Salt Flat rest stop, but I like seeing it.

On the road

 I actually enjoyed the drive.  I like solo driving.  I like being alone sometimes.  I like driving.

Also I had a 23 CD audio book "Don't Know Much about American History"

I like American History

The previous pictures were Utah.  I think this is now Nevada.

And this is California! Definite improvement.

I took a scenic detour which ended up being longer than I had realized.  This is looking back down on Donner Lake.  I am so glad I am not a pioneer. 



  1. The photos look great - especially the self portraits. :)

  2. Ok... Did you get your car out on the Salt Flats for a run at the worlds record? (Snicker)

    Great photos! Thanks for sharing!