Sunday, August 19, 2012

Korean, Kalisticks, Bathtub, Books, etc

Saturday, August 18, 2012  oops, no, Sunday August 19, 2012  12:03am

Missed President Monson’s Life Celebration broadcast.  Busy with the grandkids  I wonder if our missionary in the MTC got to see it?  I will probably watch later today when it is day.

If the website works.  It has been acting up lately making building scheduling challenging if possible at all.  Not good when people are trying to plan funerals!

A letter from Benjamin with the little heart notes for Debi and for me came today.  Just as I was about to leave for Costco.  Delayed that little trip.  : ) While I read the letter and then posted it.  Well most of it.  Not the Korean.  I just put [KOREAN] in those places.

Before going to the Hinds, I took Debi her note and she photographed the letter, or at least the Korean phrases.  She posted the translation on Facebook.  Isn’t she amazing?!

My FB post:
I was just heading for the door for a trip to Costco when the postman brought a letter from my missionary. Priorities! The letter has been read and posted (except I haven't figured out how to copy the Korean). Now I try again.
    • Debi Robarts You can scan it maybe? Or if not, bring it over and I'll translate for you. :) Or I can post it in Korean.
    • Miriam Robarts That's funny. I was just asking you for the Korean! Can you take a picture?
    • Debi Robarts First part says "Hi/Are you in peace?" (standard greeting). I'll translate the other two in a little bit. :)
    • Debi Robarts I think the 2nd one says "I copied the four Gospels down by heart." 저 는 복 음 읕 사 랑 하 심 니 다
    • Debi Robarts The last says 사 랑 하 서ᅵ 여 and I'm not entirely sure what he means, literal translation I'm getting is "I want to Lang standing over four".
  • -Debi Robarts Well I got the first two right and they helped. :P The last one I'm sorry I've only been learning Korean a week, forgive me. HAHAHA
  • Debi Robarts Oh no ok I think I figured it out! :) He wrote the same thing on mine but slightly different on the last symbol: 사 랑 하 세 요
  • I think she put this up and then took it down.  I have it in my email notifcation.  Debi wrote: "I think John 4:13?"
  • Debi Robarts ‎"I love you."
  • Debi Robarts It's confusing because one of the parts of the symbol is something that means it's in the dictionary as that word exactly, and translating it is sometimes confusing. :) But I'm learning!!!

Andrew came with me to babysit the kids, for which I am grateful!
They thought about playing in the sprinklers, but figured we didn’t know how to turn them on.  So Jared and Naomi played in the tub.  Water splashed all the way to the hallway.  
Esther learned some dance moves on a website associated with a book series she is into lately, the Fairy Godmother Academy.  The heroines of these books are girls who are fairy godmothers in training.   The author, Jan Borzath,  seems to be into empowering girls.  “I believe we hold our power and destiny in our hearts and minds, in a little bit of magic, in a higher power,that all beings should be treated with compassion and respect, that contentment is a gift that we can and should give to ourselves, that creating a better life should not mean creating a huge to do list, that it is okay not to be perfect, that doing what you can is always enough, in the power of a wish. In one of the books, the heroine, Kali, is a dancer.  Her website, Kali's Dance teaches the girls to make their own beautiful Kalistick (which they often hold when they are dancing and could be considered a feminine light saber in that it helps them feel empowered) and teaches them some dance routines - helping the girls feel graceful, powerful, and beautiful.  Esther was at it pretty much the whole time we were there.  Studying the moves and then performing them for us.  
 There was also a lot of reading.  It is a delight to see how much all three of the kids like books.  
(btw - Ruth is homeschooling the kids now.  = D 
Currently they are studying pirates, reading "Treasure Island", learning a bit about geography, history and all kinds of things pirates touch on. Naomi looks at an adapted version with pictures - "lovely" pirate pictures - while they read the real thing )
We had a terrible hour of Naomi crying for her mommy nonstop.  She totally rejected me, but tolerated Andrew who patiently cuddled her and tried to interest her in things.  The storm eventually passed and she was happy again, chatting, “reading” with him - he says she’s a speed reader, and singing.  The others went to bed during her sad time.  Suddenly a good bit after 10, she headed up the stairs, gaily called " Nigh' Nigh'!", and laid down with Jared who was sleeping on his blankets on the floor.  
 Speaking of which, I should have been sleeping long ago and will have a hard time not during church now.  Nigh' Nigh"!  (Much cuter when Naomi said it!!)

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