Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Wednesday Not as Planned

After staying up late last night working on my passport project so I could mail my documentation in today, I didn't. My aunt suggested that I ask the nice Willits librarians for a letter identifying source of my birth announcement and where and by whom it was found.  Instead of mailing my papers, I emailed my request.

Wednesday is my temple day.  In the morning I drive my car out to the Hazel park and ride, then light rail in to work.  After work, I return to my car without having to fight traffic and drive the short distance left to the temple. However, today when I unlocked one door and hit the lock to unlock the others, nothing happened.  Because the battery was dead.  Because the days are getting shorter and I had my lights on this morning.  And left them on.  I do not have a smart car that either turns off the lights or gives you a warning that you need to. My car just sits there and dies.

David and Teresa had texted me that they were going to the temple this evening and packing a little picnic to eat before going in and did I want to join them.  I told them I didn't expect to get there with much time for that, but that I would see them and maybe steal a bite.  Now I texted them that I wouldn't make it.

Before I had a chance to call AAA, David and Teresa texted that they had cables and would come give me a jump.  Which was really sweet of them, but it took long enough that now all three of us missed going to the evening session.  I did tell them that they could go and I would have AAA come out, but they took care of me anyway.

So, I suggested that we go to my house and play games.  Teresa somehow made her dinner for 2 or 3 feed all 5 of us.  Pretty good!

I didn't stay to play, because I needed to go visit Donna Frank, an older sister who had fallen and broken her pelvis and needs visits at the nursing home.  I knew that if I played games instead of visiting her I would feel guilty. Besides, it wouldn't hurt to drive a little bit more and give the car a little more time to charge up the battery.   I left the younger folk to their games.  On the way, I worried about what we could talk about.  hmmm Benjamin's mission, my passport problems, President Monson's birthday.  Good,  there's plenty to talk about from my end.  I never got a word in.  Ok, that's exaggeration.  She talked nonstop for an hour and I made appropriate occasional responses.  

That's it.  Not a bad day, but not the one I expected.

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