Friday, August 17, 2012

Another Friday Off, But Not an Off Friday

I am took yet another Friday off.  I don’t think I have worked a Friday this month.  Next week I plan to.  Of course, I expected to work today.

I decided to go to Betty Altop’s Celebration of Life (aka funeral).  I felt I could use the inspiration.  What I expected - some wonderful life stores plus a bit of Plan of Salvation.  Mormon funerals are often a mix of tears and laughter.  Of course family and friends sorrow as they miss their loved one, but they rejoice to have known him/her and to know that they can be together again.  I have been to other funerals where the officiators didn’t even know the deceased.  The whole atmosphere was sad and glum.  Not Mormons.  People who know and love the person share their stories, love and testimonies.  

After the funeral, I had a lot of work to do which of course I did not nearly all get done. The usual weekend chores and I MUST GET TO WORK ON MY PASSPORT PROJECT.   Before we went to Utah, I posted a request for an extension because the time they gave me expired this week.  I have not heard back.  Makes me nervous.  But I shall carry on as if they extended it and try to get my stuff in soon.  Hopefully this month.  At least by my birthday.

Saturday afternoon I go over the watch the kids while Tom DJs a wedding.   It will be good to spend time with them.

I did not expect, arriving at the funeral only 15 minutes early, to get a seat right behind the family.  Of course, family took up more than half the chapel.  and many people chose to fill from the back.  I sat with Alma Renner who had to leave early for another funeral.  And who told me that Donna Frank is in the hospital with a broken pelvis.  Two breaks, I think she said.  Sounds bad.  She is at an age where people fall, break, and often never recover. Alma was having a hard day.

The service was lovely.  But not a lot of funny stories.  David Altop talked about his mother.  He told of a time when she and her sisters were supposed to be berry picking, but instead were riding the mule. (The mule was named Jerry - or maybe Gerry?  which is humorous because she named her other son Gerald - Gerry)  Anyway, Betty fell and broke her arm.  The girls told Betty not to tell the folks because they didn’t want to get in trouble.  A couple of days later, when Betty was sick with a fever, the broken arm was discovered.  

He also told about when she went to watch him run track in high school.  When she told him about it at home, he realized that she had been watching and cheering for the wrong guy!

Her first-married son-in-law, Dale Wallace, spoke of their loving home and good times together.  He urged us to read Doctrine and Covenants 138, Joseph F. Smith’s vision of the spirit world and Christ’s visit to the spirits there.

They asked Betty on Sunday (the day she died) who she wanted to meet when she got back.  She wanted to see her mom and dad.  It think it made it easier for the family she was leaving for them to think of her reuniting with family who had gone before.  

I think it was Dale who reminded us that “All you can take is what is in your mind and your heart and what you have done for other people.”  I get the feeling that she left a rich woman.

Bishop said that Betty had threatened to come back and haunt people if her service went over an hour.  It ended just short of the hour.  


I made it to Winco, but not to Costco.  Maybe tomorrow.  sigh. I unloaded the car all by myself and Andrew returned from Institute soon after.  I should work on my timing.  I don’t have everything put away.  Missing my master organizer.  ; )  and I forgot that Benjamin said not to buy more corn for a while. 

I took a nice little nap.  Feels good.  Should try to work that in more often.

This evening I read “How to Be a Disciple of Christ”   By President Dieter F. Uchtdorf  (current issue of the New Era).  He so often speaks to my heart and my needs. I really  like the opening paragraph.  (and the rest of it)

The first step on the path of discipleship begins in the exact place where we stand! We do not have to prequalify to take that first step. It doesn’t matter if we are rich or poor. There is no requirement to be educated, eloquent, or intellectual. We do not have to be perfect or well-spoken or even well-mannered. You and I can walk in the path of discipleship today.”

I have the most trouble with "Have meaningful family home evenings, read the word of God, and speak to our Heavenly Father in earnest prayer."  all of them.  Unless you take "read the word of God" to mean "look at the words regularly".  And "speak to our Heavenly Father in earnest prayer" to mean "say your prayers."   Somehow I suspect it means a bit more.  Try harder.

Keep walking,Fievel

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