Saturday, September 8, 2012

The idea has merit

At "Time Out For Women", Mary Ellen Edmunds showed us her bandelo from her Beehive Days (similar to a Boy Scout merit badge sash) and  raised the question: What if we got merit badges for what we do in life?
Let's think about this..
 I get one with a bicycle for riding my bike to work 4 days a week.
One with the Sacramento Temple for going there almost every Wedneday evening (the reason I don't ride my bike every day).
Three or four people praying for being pretty regular about family prayer and one with the Book of Mormon for reading together as a family after family prayer in the evening.
I brush my teeth every day so I guess I get one with a toothbrush.   
A grocery cart on one for doing the family food shopping. 
One with a dog and a couple of cats.
And one with a bird or a few birds because I have a cockatiel and feed wild birds. 
I go to church every week so I get one with a chapel on it. 
What does the one for bill paying look like do you think?
Wow!  This is just a beginning.  We really do earn a lot of merit badges in our daily lives.  Maybe we should give ourselves a little more credit.

Tell me about your merit badges. What are they for and what should they look like?

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