Thursday, January 17, 2008

awww, Sunset

Working full time in the winter means that you can go for days without seeing much daylight.   It is delightful now as the days are slowly lengthening, to come out of the office and see sunset instead of darkness. 
Last night, Perkins Ward had its first Cub Scout Pack Meeting.  As I have not been able to make contact with the Cubmaster, I am Acting Cubmaster.  New meeting in a new ward, but an old plan for me.  We did Winter Wonderland (No Snow Fun), which I did years ago when I was Cubmaster for Camellia City Ward Pack 40, also for a son's birthday party, and for a Camellia City Ward Christmas Party.  Lots of activity.  We played in "snow"  - paper rescued from my office computer waste.  Snowball fights, snowshoe races, dogsledding, Eskimo rescue.  The boys seemed to have a good time.  
Next month is our Blue and Gold Dinner - pack providing hot dogs, anything else pot-luck.  I am trying to think of songs and games to go along with it.  The month after that is our Pinewood Derby.  I would not at all mind having a real Cubmaster by then, especially.
Well, back to my paper pushing in artificial light.  I did do a quick walk around the block in the cool winter sunlight (between the shadows of the buildings) this morning.  Brisk and beautiful.

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