Monday, January 14, 2008

Busy Boys

Joseph is busy answering mail from various state agencies about possible job opportunities after scoring 100% on the Office Assistant General exam in December.  Hopefully, soon he will be busy going to job interviews.  He is also lead researcher for us on the political front.  If he can only get us to stick in one place long enough, he will tell us about the candidates and issues.
Andrew is busy working nearly every day for his former Scoutmaster, owner of Camellia City Drywall.
Benjamin is busy doing high school by independent study, and, this week dog sitting his sister's young Great Dane.  Boy, is it wild when Anna and Chloe start to play!  Two hundred pounds of crazy canine! 


  1. WOW - that's a lot of dog!

    Sounds like everyone is up to good stuff. :)

  2. Yay, Joe!! I hope a wonderful job comes through for him.

    I should have him send me a brief synopsis of each candidate....the pros, the cons, and the platform. I am in the dark about a lot of it. LOL.

    Good luck with the dogs.

  3. Hooray for Joe!! I really hope he gets a good job!

    That's funny- I'm watching Andrew's boss's son for a few hours today. :)