Sunday, January 13, 2008

Voice from the Past

Friday, I got a phone call from my BYU roommate Sandy! 1970! We lived together in a family style apartment in Heritage Halls at BYU.

She and her husband live at her childhood home, a ranch up in the Utah mountains - when he is home - he travels a lot for work.

Sandy was a beauty queen. But she was not at all stuck up. She was real, warm, friendly and fun.

Our apartment had nicknames. I was Nobody. I am pretty sure that Sandy was Anybody. If I remember right, Joyce was Somebody. Peg, now Amy, was Everybody. I think she started it, but I am not sure. Peggy said "Nobody loves me." I told her I loved her. She said, "That's what I said, Nobody loves me."

Sandy has looked up a lot of the old group and passed on news of old friends. Thank goodness for the telephone and internet. It will be a real treat to renew acquaintances.


  1. I've known a few beauty queens and they were all very sweet, thoughtful girls. I think the whole stereotype is unfair. Well, at least for the ones I've met.

    That's fun to hear from an old friend! I hope you are able to stay in touch more easily now! :)

  2. You have two people named everybody-- maybe one was somebody?

  3. You are absolutely right. I am pretty sure Joyce was Somebody. She would say, "Somebody loves you."

  4. Oh, Don't think Miriam cannot read! After she made her observation, I corrected the post.