Friday, January 4, 2008

Storm Warning

 For the last couple of days, the weather people have been warning us about a coming winter storm – advising us to batten down the hatches, stock up, and get ready to face the blast.   Accordingly, The Home Team Robarts took down the Christmas lights and checked the yard for items that needed to be moved, covered, or otherwise secured.   One thing I forgot to ask them to do is set up the backyard pump, but they did that this morning – just in case.  Thursday, was a rather pleasant day with light winter rains.   Some people even wondered if all the talk was for naught. Last night, however, the wind howled and tore.  It ripped the tarp sheltering our bicycles on the patio.   Today, the boys have tried to secure another tarp directly over them.  Hope it holds.  There is a loose shingle or two in the yard, so we have some concern about the roof, but checking that will have to wait.   We know where a flashlight or two is. 


The storm continues, but less ferociously, now I think.  Although, I hear that in the upper levels of my building (I am on the 10 th floor), one can actually feel the wind buffeting the building and the building move.


Transportation is disrupted because of downed trees and tree parts, water on the road and so forth.  My on the way to work train ceased operation a stop short of my stop, so I, along with hundreds of others, walked on through the storm.  (Only 3 or 4 blocks.)   That and having waited for the train had us all looking fairly bedraggled.  We were lucky, though; another line got stopped far short of downtown and passengers had to wait for buses to come and get them.   I hope all is operational when it is time to go home!!


So far we (neither work nor home) have not experienced any power outages, although several areas have.  


I wish I could be home with the boys and have a storm party.  But I am so grateful to make my way to work through a storm, rather than be homeless and out there!   So, at work we laughingly complain, but count our blessings in having a job and home.


If they send us home, as I hear some places have, I wouldn't complain!  I don't think that is happening.   At least I don't have to work out in the storm!  How grateful I am for those who do!


Thinking about storm warnings, I think about the prophets and the counsel they have given us, not just to be prepared with our 72 Hour Kits and Whatever Years Supply (let's not go there, right now), but to be Spiritually   Prepared for the storms of life and the Final Accounting.  Sometimes we (I) think that there is just too much to do and not enough time and energy to do it. But compared to the peace, safety, and comfort we can receive in difficult times here, compared to the peace of being able to face our Savior and ourselves when the inevitable time comes hereafter; maybe, just maybe, it would be worth our time and effort to heed the warning counsel.

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  1. Wow. We have been told to be prepared too. So far, not much. But maybe it is heading our way!!

    I have an internet friend I have been looking forward to meeting, coming in from Canada tomorrow. Hopefully, we can still meet up.

    Kids go back to school (finally!!) on Monday. Hopefully, any storm has passed by then.