Friday, January 4, 2008

Be Careful What You Wish For

2:23 pm The office is empty except for Gail and me.  About 20 minutes ago, we got word that everyone was being sent home because of the storm and messed up transportation conditions. Problem is, thought, there is NO light rail service downtown.  My closest operating stop is 2 miles away. I tried to get information about buses, but RT's site isn't working.  People called their family and friends, or just went out there hoping to catch a bus going in the right direction or walking until ....?   Office mates buddied up with others going in the same direction.  My Ruth (as opposed to my coworker Ruth), bless her, is going to try to come get me and Gail who takes the same line as I do.  I hope she doesn't have any trouble.  Our street is flooded from 21st up to her house.  She is thinking she can get out heading south. 
More bad news. Tonight was supposed to be her Mystery Hostess Party! How I have been looking forward to it.  But with the street flooded, how can her guests get there or park if they do?  I am afraid that she is going to have to reschedule. 
Ruth will call when she leaves, she couldn't just run out the door right the minute I called.  Meanwhile, I guess I will do a little work. 


  1. It seems that every year there is at least one big storm in Sacramento that makes me think about how convenient it would be to have a hovercraft. Sorry to hear that you are stranded away from home on hovercraft day.

  2. And it seems to always be in January. I remember many Januaries (or is it Januarys?) that had pretty big flooding.

    Anyhow - I hope you are all safe!!! We're supposed to get high winds here too, starting tonight. But I also hear it won't be as bad in the city. I guess we'll find out!

  3. I hope this isn't one that requires floating home as it did one year. Take care.--njp

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