Sunday, January 6, 2008

Seeing the Hand of God in Your Daily Life

In testimony meeting, Sarah C reminded us about President Eyring's conference talk Remember, Remember in which he reminds us to recognize God's kindness to us. Some days are pretty easy.

4:30pm The boys are making good progress on the roof. The threatened rain is not only holding off, but there are actually blue patches to the west (whence our weather comes). Ben says, "It's called prayer." Will they win the race against the setting sun? It is going to be very close, but they are doing well. Maybe. Maybe.

As we entered an intersection on the way to church this morning, a pickup ran a red light, seeing us and stopping just in time to avoid a collision. We felt an adrenalin rush and a surge of gratitude for God's protecting hand.

Perkins Ward is growing strong in ward family feeling. While there are people and things we miss from our old wards, we know that we are in the right place with the right people. There is a wonderful growing feeling of warmth and affection.

(I still like the Dover building better!!!)

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  1. hope your roof gets done. It is tough when it is Sunday. We shovelled 8 inches of snow today , here in Utah. That is easier than roof patching, I think.