Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Happy New Looking Bathroom!

I got off work a couple of hours early New Year's Eve. Almost immediately, we got to work prepping the bathroom for painting – finally! After over a year. I gave up on the idea of properly texturing the walls and decided that what is is. We removed hardware, and covered pretty much everything with tape and plastic. Our New Year's Day was all about priming the bathroom and the future boys room. What a lot of work! I have had people tell me that they enjoy painting rooms. Maybe they know something I don't. I think/hope we will enjoy the results. Finally, as the sun began to sink, we started painting the bathroom. Today, by the light of day, the boys are going to check the bathroom and decide whether we need to do another coat or not. I hope not. I want a shower!


Scrud! the boys say it needs another coat. I hope they can take care of it today. If I were a betting woman, I would say they will. They are pretty good guys.


  1. Yay!!! That's great! Will you post a pic when it's all dry and done? I bet it looks GREAT!

  2. Our household has no working camera. One of the sorrows of my life.

    Actually, it looks more ok than great. The wall was left irregular by our bathroom fixer over a year ago. I saw some droplets or whatever that we may have created or not, but painted over. Our bathroom has "character" or "personality." At least it is better than the ancient pealing several layers of old paint and paper?, or the plain drywall of the last what? year and a half.

    Thanks for the encouraging words, anyway.

  3. What happened to the camera that you inherited from Debi? Didn't you get her old Canon? I was thinking you had the same kind of camera that I do. :S I'm sorry you don't have a working camera right now! Boo on that!

    Well, even if the walls aren't perfect, from what I saw in November, the room does look really good. :) I'm sure paint makes it look even better than when I saw it, even if it's not a perfect wall/paint job.

  4. I bought Debi's (I think like yours), but I could never get it to work. I would put in fresh new batteries or newly charged batteries, try to learn a little about the camera, then my life being what it is - crazy busy - I would run out of time, turn it off and put it away. The next time I picked up the camera, the batteries would be dead. I would get new batteries and / or have Joseph charge up the rechargeables and try again. Same thing. Then it got worse. The camera started doing this crazy thing, flashing or something and totally not work at all. It's a sad story. Joseph can't figure it out. Thanksgiving I took it to Debi's in case she can figure it out, but I think it is a lost cause. I don't have any idea what I could have done to it.