Wednesday, July 22, 2009

The Bag Lady or Awesome Audrey

Knowing that we were on our last gallon of milk, I decided to swing by Bel Air on my way home and buy a couple more. What shock when I got off my bicycle to find that my bicycle saddle bag (a $50 saddle bag with my bike pump, spare tubes, patch kit, umbrella, bungie cords and a few other things in it) already had (gotten off that, is) at an undisclosed location!

My first thought was to retrace my pedals to look for it. Then I realized, goodness! I am nearly home and backtracking will take another couple hours, go home and get the car. So I did. (with a prayer in my heart!) Good thing, too, because I had forgotten today is Wednesday and Benjamin had Youth Meeting.

Benjamin, sharp eyes, came along. I drove back the way I go to work, parts of the route of necessity different than the way home, and stopped at my office building. No bag by the bike rack, where I admit, today's evening mount up was a good bit shaky and it could have fallen off there. The building was locked so I couldn't check with the guards. I drove back home the way I rode earlier, including the detour through Wishing Well's parking lot to check their closing time (6pm Yes, I can go to Wishing Well on the way home if I so desire). No bag anywhere along the way.

After dropping Benjamin at Young Men Activity (sports night, they played whiffle ball), I was at home reconciling my American Express bill (wondering why Bud's Buffet does not count as a restaurant and get 3% rebate instead of the general merchandise 1%), when someone came unexpectedly to the door. A lady asked if Barbara Robarts lived here. She had my bag!

Audrey, who has often passed me in the morning along our route on T street and, in fact, passed me twice today, found my bag where T crosses the railroad tracks. The only identification in my bag (this must change) was the return address on a thinking of you note I wrote to my neighbor (who I think is in a nursing home) today. Audrey who is obviously observant, honest and kind, as well as much more fit than I, lives in my neighborhood, on Alcott, just a few blocks west of here.

(Audrey passed me twice this morning because after passing me the first time, she stopped at a light at the foot of a hill. I stopped at the top of the hill and waited for the light to turn green before starting down. So she was starting from stop while I was working with gravity and for a few wonderful moments I was faster than her. On the level she surpassed me again. Easily.)

Thank the Lord and Audrey, I have my bicycle bag back!


  1. What a blessing and blessings on her!--njp

  2. Yay for honest people. They are out there. I am glad you are intacgt again. LOL.

  3. Aww.. what a nice story compared to the jerks who broke into your car. I guess there still are nice people out there. :)

  4. It restores your faith in humanity every time someone is kind and honest. What a good woman.

  5. She didn't want a reward, either (not that I had any money) She just wanted to help out as she would like to be helped if she needed it.

  6. That is very cool! Yay for nice people! :)