Monday, July 13, 2009

sporting good company

A year or so ago I bought a High Sierra Hydration Pack for biking, hiking, whatever. It has been tucked away in my closet for awhile. Since I started biking, first to light rail, then all the way to work, I hauled it out, but alas! I seem to have lost the slide closure for the reservoir - making the hydration pack useless. I emailed High Sierra Sport Company to find out how I could get a new closure slide. Valerie at Customer Service said she couldn't get me a closure, so she sent me a new reservoir. It arrived today. That's customer service!


  1. I had a similar experience with Mills Pride. They make inexpensive cabinets and bookshelves from particleboard with a simulated wood grain veneer. I damaged some hardware for the bookshelf when it was in the back of my car for months. After failing to find equivalent hardware at hardware supply stores, I called the company. Then ended up sending me a the cam locks I needed without charge even though I clearly stated that it was my fault that the original hardware was damaged. Unfortunately I can't find their bookshelves in stores anymore - I'd like to get some more to match the one I have - they seem to be focussing on the cabinet side of their business.

  2. I love good customer service stories. :D