Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Budget and Bike - could be better, could be worse

– I think I told you relatively good news about California’s budget. The Big 5 (Governor and heads of the 2 legislative houses) agreed on a budget. Parks was not taking as big a hit as we feared and would probably only close about 20% of the Parks instead of 80%. (!) Parks would probably be able to avoid layoffs because of vacancies. Did I tell you all that? Never mind, that rosy picture didn't last long.

After the Big 5 did their thing, it went to the legislature, got changed a bit, then went to the Governor. He did some major slashing. The final signed budget cuts Parks about 21%. (Of course other important programs are slashed, too. There is plenty of pain to go around.)

It is now estimated that 100 parks will be closed and an undetermined number of jobs cut in the field and in headquarters. Back to worrying about losing my job. Sigh. Hopefully, not. They say we have quite a few vacancies which they hope will absorb the cuts. We are going to have a big Director’s meeting Friday. MAYBE we will find out more then.

A mile or so into my bicycle commute this morning, nearly to Tahoe Park, I must have done another bad shift because my chain popped off and got stuck good. While I was working on it, a couple of walking ladies stopped to make sure I was ok and not hurt. Another gal, about to drive off to meet her friend for breakfast, stopped and kept going back to her house for tools. Finally, wedging a screwdriver against the stuck chain part and whacking it with a hammer a good few times, we got the chain unstuck, I put it right and we each continued on our way. She also offered to call someone if I needed it. I thought it sweet that women look out for each other like that. I don’t know if any men passed by during my trouble, I was focused on my problem. I called in to work to say I was late, but actually I was in my office just on time, instead of a few minutes early for my personal computer time as usual.

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  1. Continued prayers that your job is safe. This uncertainty is so scary and I hope it ends soon.

    Bill is swamped with work....due to the bad economy. Each of these repo houses was once someone's home. In that way I feel bad for them. But, if not Bill refurbishing them, it would be someone else, so we may as well be the ones to reap. I am coming off extremely selfish, and I don't meant to.

    How nice the ladies stopped and were so helpful. I would have been there in aheart beat. They stood proxy for me. LOL.