Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth Story

7/4/09 6:42 am
I am no fan of alarm clock Saturdays. This morning we woke up at 5am to be at the Cordova building at 6 for the guys to help set up tables & chairs for the Stake Fourth of July Breakfast . We were on time, but the work was already well under way. Last night we were not quite 10 minutes late to the Wisseman building to load up the tables & chairs and it was already done. Lots of good workers!

Last night after not loading chairs we went to watch the Rivercats' fireworks. We had gone Thursday at the spur of the moment, but were looking (in vain) for parking when the fireworks went off. Although we arrived earlier last night, there was no free or inexpensive parking to be had, not much expensive parking either even. We crossed the river into West Sacramento, wandered around past full, mildly expensive, and no parking areas before ending up behind the Ziggurat by the River Walk. We set on the Raley's Field side & enjoyed hamburgers & Reading Club. In front of us was a large empty field fenced off. A man came by & told us to stay out of the field. When the fireworks began we found out why-they were launching from the other end! We were practically right under them! Awesome. Tonight we will stay home with the animals & watch fireworks on TV-if we can get reception.

Sunday, July 5 8am
The breakfast went well. I was a bit disappointed in our flag ceremony. The "Scouts" who raised the flag were not in uniform and had not practiced. However, the flag rising and flying is always a stirring sight and the sister sang the national anthem with feeling and without unnecessary flourishes. The boys and I got our breakfast, then helped serve. Several times I was told we had completely run out of sausage, but then a few minutes later more would "miraculously" appear. The band, as usual, filled the air and our hearts as they played wonderful patriotic songs. Children enjoyed cotton candy, face painting and bubbles. "My" Hinds came. It is so cute how much Jared loves Joseph. The kids love their uncles, but I think Joseph and Jared may have something special. Ben helped a bit with putting up tables and chairs, but we skipped out on most of the clean-up. Hinds went to the Rancho Cordova community parade. We went home.

I worked a bit more trying to figure out my Christmas card. It's a good thing I am getting started "early" - only 172 days until Christmas! le gasp! when you have a big family, it doesn't do to delay. I am already, as usual, behind where I should be. Sometimes I find something I think someone would like for Christmas and get all happy because I have a gift already. Then I realize that their birthday is coming. Well, good, I have a birthday present, but nothing for Christmas again. Anyway, good thing I am getting started on my cards, because it's taking me a while. Simplify, simplify. Again, I think I have a plan. A fairly simple plan, mostly using things I already have. Pretty good. I just need to get more cardstock (when I can stop waffling on the color!) and a bit of embossing powder. Anyway, working on my cards really is work in a way, but fun.

I have been riding my bike 2 miles to light rail for a whole week now, plus a couple of days. This is going so well, I am toying with the idea of riding my bike to work. With that in mind, I rode to my office (6 or 7 miles) yesterday late afternoon/early evening. From bike shed back to bike shed it was 2 hours (I know, I am slow) - with some time spent trying (without success) to find the closure clip for my hydration pack. 2 hours in pretty much no traffic and hitting some lucky lights. If I make the 7:30am train, my commute is about 40 minutes from home. Miss the train and add 15 minutes. So, biking is just a few minutes more. Unless traffic adds a lot. I might try it. I don't have a bike pump yet, so a flat would be mildly disastrous instead of deucedly inconvenient. Still, the thought is tempting.

As entertaining as light rail can sometimes be - One day last week 2 quys (who looked like street people but not real bad) had a rousing agruememt which I feared would come to blows over whether one of them was going to heaven. - And sometimes I can manage to read or crochet on light rail. More often, I am standing. Sometimes in close quarters with people who smoke (gag) or use foul language. Most of the people on light rail during commute especially are ok, nice even. I have experienced acts of chivalry, seen others, and enjoyed pleasant conversations. But some.... ugh. It might be pleasant to ride. And dare I hope that it would actually do my health any good? Theoretically, it should, but I bike easy. My speeds are slow and slower.

Back at home, I made pasta salad and put some hamburgers on the grill. Did a couple of things in the house. Came back to find flames shooting out in all directions. I turned off the gas and opened it up. The bottom and sides were on fire. Maybe the grill needs cleaning out? I spritzed out the fire. We ate charbroiled burgers.

Anna took the explosions all around outside quietly, trembling, and needing to be constantly touched for reassurance. Princess Attila the Mouse Hun of Kitty Hen Spoiled Cat Face (the cat we rightfully stole) seemed to ignore the whole thing. Velox (as usual) was not anywhere in sight. Velox in hiding is the regular thing as still Attila terrorizes her.

We watched Nova - Fireworks (again, but it is interesting) and the Capitol Fourth while eating Red, White and No More Blues Ice Cream.

Happy Birthday, America!


  1. Even biking slow and slower is better than sitting/standing, and over time, you might find yourself going faster. Just be safe, whatever you do. :)

  2. I don't think traffic will be much of a slowdown for you on a bike. You will have to watch as you pass slow traffic at an intersections for cars that are going to turn right - it seems that cars cutting off cyclists is the biggest hazard.