Friday, July 10, 2009

This is the show for Andrew and me!

I was writing to Andrew about this show and decided to post it. Sometimes I post and later copy to Andrew, sometimes Andrew then blog. Get what mileage I can out of my great literary efforts. ; )

“The Great American Road Trip” -sounds good already, doesn’t it?!! (This is something that reminds me of Andrew. He and I dream of going on a good road trip.)

Starting at Wriggly’s Field in Chicago, 7 families of 4 each in a BIG RV are driving to California on famous, historic Route 66. It is not a race. Each week there are 2 challenges. The winner of King of the Road gets a special reward. The 3 losers compete in End of the Road to see who has to go home.

The first challenge was at Lincoln’s home in Springfield, Illinois. One parent had to pick up as many votes as they coud, work their way through the Rose Garden maze, climb over the Cabinet, and struggle through a field of red tape, the race to deposit the votes in their ballot box while wearing a giant President’s head with VERY limited vision. The kids were Special Agents who tried to guide their president safely through. The most votes (69?) won. For the prize a fire truck picked up the family at the campground and took them to the Old Chain of Rocks Bridge (now actually a pedestrian/bicycle bridge) an historic Missippippi crossing on Route 66 for a candlelite dinner.

The End of the Road Challenge was at the foot of the great Arch in St Louis. The families were timed rolling a GIANT ball - with a family member inside - through a series of arches. The ball had a rope attached that was long enough - as long as they went through in the right order.

Great fun. I would love to drive America but I want to go further east than Illinois! I want to visit all the early American history sites, New York City and see Washington DC again.


  1. That sounds like a good show. I will have to look for it. Although, we are giving up our cable again. THe kids are not doing well on staying away from channels we don't approve of. I hate to lose fun shows like Wipeout, and Japanese game show.

    Babbling about myself again. LOL.

    Maybe you can look the show up on Hulu when Andrew gets back.

  2. We don't have cable either. Our antenna is not great, so we barely get the regular channels. Or maybe it's the wire.

    Pam, you need to babble about yourself a good bit more, you haven't posted in a good while.

    What is Hulu?