Thursday, July 16, 2009

Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.

-Thomas H. Huxley
Quotes are good. At least good ones are. Especially when you just cannot come up with a catchy post title.

Miriam wanted a tomato plant, but they came in 6 packs. She and her roommate planted one, Ruth planted one, and the rest of them were doomed to come to me. For reasons, uncertain, Miriam’s withered away. Ruth’s did not survive their move. Only mine, planted in kitchen compost in old laundry buckets and placed by the front porch (so I won’t forget to water them) remain. Thrive even, apparently. Who would have thunk? Monday, Joseph and I enjoyed our first tomato. Yesterday when I took Miriam to Kaiser, I took her a tomato – the 2nd one to ripen. More are coming. ; )

(Miriam was gong to Kaiser for a follow up on her hand surgery. They had to PULL OUT WIRES, take X-rays and then put a new “removable” cast on. She starts physical therapy Friday. Such fun.) --

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is more amusing to begin with and in theory, but several chapters in the novelty is less. It is still somewhat amusing, but as Joseph said (and I was happy to hear him do so), the original is much better. We are not reading both books chapter by chapter. We have all read enough now to see how nearly the one follows the other. To continue to read both would be simply tedious.

: ( Since I got Winnie the Peg, my iPod touch, I download news podcasts at night to listen to at work. My news is always old. ; ) A few days ago, I pushed the updates button in my applications file. Now, when I go to “Music” which has not only music, but also podcasts, all I get is a blank white screen. Grr! Joseph,my resident IT specialist, doesn’t think he can do anything. I need to contact the company to try to see what’s what, but they don’t make it easy to get hold of them. They have sets of answers up on their website. Unfortunately, so far none of them work for my problem.

After Kaiser was finally finished with her, Miriam and I went to the mall to the Apple Store to get advice about Winnie. Only the store is closed for renovation until August. The sign tells you to check on-line for the nearest store. Translation: there isn’t one. My walking buddy has relatives that work for Apple, so we might see if they can help. (Although ever since her common-law-son-in-law replaced my window motor, my car always whistles like the window is open because part of the window frame is bent slightly. A wind scoop to help my already sterling gas mileage. He did it for free in Welge’s driveway. Waddya expect.)

Not having Winnie makes rote work long and dull. The work day seems longer. Also, my best news source lately is Benjamin who is watching the national news every day for a week as he works on his Citizen in the Nation merit badge. He tells me about some of the news stories when I get home.

Last night the Youth Activity was swimming at Perry’s. No lightening storm this time.

I am the new Ward Website Administrator. My predecessor says it hardly takes any time at all except at the beginning of the year (or whenever the ward leaders get their calendar out.) We shall see. (I don't think so) It has already eaten up large amounts of time, but much of that was just becoming familiarized. It is a bit of a clunky working site, I think. 1/4 - 1/2 of my children could probably program a more user friendly site. I am told that the church's best programers work in Family History. But I am excited and hope to keep the website up-to-date so that it will actually be useful to people. Mostly that means approving calendar submissions and keeping the calendar current. I don't have the freedom to add much spark or personality. I know, some of you are sure that's a good thing.

I asked Andrew what he would like in care packages. One of the things he mentioned was EFY (Especially For Youth) music. Yesterday after helping Miriam and deciding there was no point in going to work, one of my errands took me near the church bookstore where I bought a EFY CD for him. When I got home, I read Andrew's letter which informs us that the new mission president has dis-approved EFY music. Now, do I take it back or give it to someone else for Christmas?

Christmas! bah humbug. Except for it being a wonderful warm, friendly, spiritual, family time that commerates the birth of our Savior and has such sweet spirit, songs, stories and traditions - Christmas is stressful!! Nearly when EVER I think of it. It is surprising how hard it is for me to choose/find/make/whatever gifts for the ones I love. Another Not One of My Talents. (When/IF we find a my talent, please let me know!) Please update your wish lists. My family is big enough, forget gifts for friends, dear as they may be. Gift giving, washing dishes/laundry, and -when I had my whole crew - taking them to visit any one else's home - that's when I think/thought My, I have a big family. I hardly draw breath from one holiday or gift giving occasion than it's somebody else's birthday or another holiday. Fun, but more fun if I was better at it!

Good news! I got Ruth approval on my Christmas card plans and ordered the supplies I need. Pretty simple plan. If I get started soon, I might get them made in time to get out before Christmas.


  1. While ward website administrator probably doesn't take much time overall, you are not in control of the schedule. The sooner after an item is submitted that you can approve it the better. Honestly, I think most high level ward officers should be trained in what is appropriate for the ward website then given administration access.

    While there are many useful improvements that might be made to the stake and ward websites, the biggest one would be to make it more responsive. Part of the problem is that because so much of the information is confidential the site is served using encrypted channels which adds processing work for the server and the visitor's computer. Personally I think the risk of someone accessing calendar items of a ward they don't belong to by eavesdropping on internet transmissions is so slim that there is no point to the encryption for those pages. The only pages that I think there is enough concern to justify the encryption are the directory pages.

  2. Barbara'a talents? Hmmm . . . . .
    the ability to communicate
    desire to hold to the rod
    long suffering
    appreciation for other's talents
    pet care
    and many, many, many more
    but that's all I have time for right now--njp

  3. Those are enviable talents!

    And you're bringing up Christmas already? I had a sudden anxiety attack! Don't DO that! Of course, if you're bringing it up now, that means you are more organized than I am and will suffer less stress for it, right?

  4. Some of those, like motherhood and grandmotherhood are not necessarily talents. We have all seen examples of that! I used to think I was a pretty good mom, but more and more I realize my failures and also realize I don't nearly realize them all.

    Oh, Eva Aurora, if only it were true! It only means I realize I SHOULD BE more organized, but actually I only stress longer without really accomplishing much.