Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Happy Tell The Truth Day! - shouldn't that be every day?!

Happy Ice Cream Cone Day!
Happy Strawberry Sundae Day!
Happy Chocolate Day! - can we celebrate them all?!

Good quotes I came across yesterday and today each of which I could talk/or write a great deal about if only I had time, but I am sure you can think up some good stuff on your own:

"Nobody can be exactly like me. Sometimes even I have trouble doing it." Tallulah Bankhead (1903-1968)

"If someone offers you a gift, and you decline to accept it, the other person sit owns that gift. The same is true of insults and verbal attacks." Steve Pavlina, How to Win an Argument

"When we are unable to find tranquility within ourselves, it is useless to seek it elsewhere." Francois de La Rochefoucauld

News I just must share:
There is the famous Nathan's Fourth of July Hot Dog Eating Contest – 68 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes this year setting a new record which is really bad enough, but when I saw 3 elephants lined up in front of a pile of hot dog buns July 3, I was dismayed. I don't think
elephants eat hot dogs. It can't be good for them. Relax! There were no hot dogs in those buns. It was a Coney Island Man Team vs Elephant Team Hot Dog BUN Eating Contest. Three against three. The human's frantically stuffed themselves in the 6 minute contest.

From the IdahoStatesman.com (who else to report on Coney Island?!)
" In the fight of pachyderms vs. people - the pachyderms now have the upper trunk.
Three circus elephants scored a decisive victory over three human competitive eaters at a cross-species eating contest Friday, chomping down on 505 hot dog buns in six minutes. The humans forced down only 143 buns in the bout at Brooklyn's Coney Island.

The elephants, Bunny, Susie and Minnie - all in their 40s - ate at what appeared to be a leisurely pace from behind a table piled high with buns. They even paused to eat some fresh fruit, which was not counted toward scoring."

Wallet Stolen In 1982 Found In NYC Tree - $20 Gone From Wallet Found In Tree

NEW YORK -- Money doesn't grow on trees, but a tree-care supervisor in New York City's Central Park found an old wallet inside a dead one.

The blue leather wallet had been stolen by a pickpocket 27 years ago.
It was found in the hollow of a dying cherry tree. It was near where
Ruth Bendik had hers swiped while she watched the New York City
Marathon in 1982.
The 69-year-old Upper East Side resident says the only thing missing was $20 in cash. Her credit cards were still there. So were her student ID from Columbia University Teachers College and an employee ID from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The park worker says he found the wallet last week under five feet of
compost. Police tracked down Bendik the next day.

Closer to home: During our morning walk today, we were halted in our tracks by a kitten's urgent mews. (S)he(?) was up on the top crossboard of a good neighbor fence looking at us intently and mewing for all he (for the sake of simplicity) was worth. Us? No, not us, Anna. After a pause and exclamation, Cyndi W and I walked a bit ahead letting out the extendo leash as Anna gazed longingly at the kitten. The kitten focused on Anna and uttered its plea. When she moved, the kitten moved. I was worried the kitten was going to jump down and follow us, so I called a reluctant Anna away, telling her that I was sure that Kitty belonged in that yard and the people had let it out thinking it was too little to climb the fence. We do NOT need another
cat as the two we have are sworn enemies AND cat box duty is not very popular.

Prepare to be amazed : Joseph's bike pump arrived in the mail yesterday. (Pretty quick, but not the really amazing part.) So he sold me his old pump. (Not amazing) I rode my bike to work today. (Now, isn't that amazing?! ! Until I tell you that it took me nearly an hour and 20 minutes. Of course, part of that time was a brief stop to try to get my old little walkman radio to work, but I heard more buzz than news, and a considerably less brief stop to try to re-connect my front brake which I had disconnected to show Joseph how easy it is so you can change your tire more easily but forgot to put it back – and was unable to this morning. Good thing my back brake is good and I go so slowly it doesn't take much to stop me. )

Speaking of brakes, my lunch break is over (no hot dogs).

Write to me, friends and family who are also my friends! Please.
Thank you! to those who do or blog which is just about the same thing.

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  1. Good for you for riding your bike! Be safe! :)

    I like those quotes a lot! :)