Wednesday, July 8, 2009

just under 55

Not miles per hour! Minutes to work today. More like about 8 miles
per hour. For me, pretty good! No mishaps, just had to wait a couple
of minutes for a train.

I thought I was doing well when from office to home I made it in an
hour and a couple of minutes - including putting my front brake cable
back in place before leaving and having to put the chain back on its
gears after a bad gear shift at an unexpected light change.

I am losing a few minutes of computer time before work. : ( But I
haven't found any other time or form of exercise that works for me.
Even Wii - I just don't manage the time, or sometimes the will. I
hope THIS works.

Last night, Benjamin and I went to Twilight Tuesday at the zoo. It
was Across the Pond night. Cool British roadsters on display and
music that reminded me of the old Beatles era. I was surprised how
few animals were actually out, though. You would think they would
enjoy the cool, quiet evening hours. It was pleasant just walking
around the zoo. Ben seemed a bit impatient. '

Next week, I may just bike over from work. Even if I don't stay long,
it will be a pleasant interlude for which I have already paid. I
bought a member plus guest membership when Joseph and I went. I don't
think I want to bike through Oak Park in the evening though! which
would be the shortest way home from the zoo. I don't know if I can
lift my bike up on to the light rail car either. I will probably take
the long route and bike Fruitridge.

Argh! Biking does steal computer time! I am now late for work. Bye!

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