Sunday, July 12, 2009

pleasant but not that interesting

Furlough Friday - less money : (
more time : D

After doing some errands (I replaced my walking shoes which were completely worn through), we (the boys, Miriam, Anna and I) went to the beach.

It has been far too long since we have been there. So long, in fact, that I forgot the way, missed a critical turn, and ended up going through San Francisco instead of coming down 101 from the north. Bad news - we had to pay to cross a toll bridge. Good news - it was interesting driving around San Francisco and seeing some of the city (where I again got confused before finding the Golden Gate Bridge so we got to enjoy even more). We almost stopped at Golden Gate Park instead, but I wanted to go to Rodeo Beach as planned. Another time! Preferably a day we can spend all day there. Ruth's family is planning a week's vacation in the City in September. I am a little jealous.

We did finally make it to the beach. It was lovely! Perfect for walking and relaxing. We watched surfers and surf. Anna (always on leash) walked along the beach with us, but carefully avoided the water. She also got to meet a few nice dogs (and behaved herself). We just relaxed and appreciated the beautiful coast and the beautiful weather. Nothing exciting. Just good. Also good, we did not get sand in Miriam's cast.

On the way home, we stopped at Popeye's Chicken. good food, a little pricey, but good portions.

Miriam and I stayed up too late chatting.

Saturday, I didn't really accomplish any great things. I didn't go do dry pack canning as perhaps I ought to have. Joseph went to an Elder's Quorum Softball game for much of the day. They lost. Benjamin worked on cleaning and sorting (he's the best). I helped a little. We also talked a little about his Scout work. Need to get moving on his Eagle. I paid bills. (So glad to be able to do so! I hope I don't lose my job!) Ruth came by to borrow a stamp set and gave her approval to my Christmas card plans. : )

We did not go to Squeeze Inn. Not enough time and interest and I have already spent a little bit too much on eating out. I passed it a few times this weekend. Lines all around the parking lot each time. The last time I passed was shortly after closing time Saturday and there was still a long line out the door and past a couple of shops next to it. Their customers are showing their support! The owner says he cannot upgrade nor afford to fight the suit, so he plans to change locations. That will mean some loss of character even though he will take his eclectic decor.

Time to get ready for church. If we are ready early enough, Reading Club!

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