Wednesday, February 11, 2009

And the Walls Came Tumbling Down

Fortunately, not the walls, just a door.

Shortly after I decided that maintaining my service contract on my
washer and dryer was a waste of money, the dryer started acting up.

Squeaking. David said probably the bearing, a bearing?
some bearing something.

Also, occasionally catching an article of
clothing - usually white, sometimes delicate- which would emerge from the dryer (with
some effort) twisted and with grey stuff on it. Not usually torn, at least. So we would treat the grey and re-wash it. Usually, it came out ok. Not an ideal situation, however.

Feeble attempts at on-line research did not yield immediate guidance
and we just drifted. There were always more immediate concerns and
soon the Christmas gifting panic to deal with first. Finally, last
Saturday, after the squeaking had progressed to occasional thumping,
someone smelled or spotted smoke and we knew the jig was up.

A little family trip to Home Depot followed. We agreed on a dryer
similar to the now defunct only with a signal we can turn on if we
want! Delivery Wednesday - today!

For years out of memory, the side garage door has been blocked with
miscellanea. Last weekend we cleared that away and cleaned the dryer
area nest to it. 1) We are TRYING to clean and sort everywhere in our house - slowly. agonizingly, slowly 2) we had an ewaste disposal opportunity and dimly remembered a former resident had somewhere in the garage a computer they were going to work on for a former neighbor 3) now we needed dryer removal / installation access. Anyway, we could open the door.

This morning the dryer arrived about the time Ben and I got home from Seminary. I greeted the driver, Andrew opened up the garage door. They took out the old dryer. I looked into the garage before dashing off to catch my train and the door was lying on the floor where the dryer used to be!

The door jam/hinges just gave up and the door fell off. Now we have to replace the door jam. Makes me wonder how much else is rotted away. sigh.

I told Andrew to just prop the door back in place when the dryer guys leave so the lack is not too obvious. And then I went off to work.


  1. Wow, I am sure we used that door way back when, but I honestly don't remember when! I'm amazed it opened at all! lol I hope it's not too much trouble to fix. :S

  2. THis is why we are friends...or one of the reasons. I thought this type of thing only happened to me.

    Whoo hoo on the new one. My dryer is taking two hours per load, so a new one is in my future too, or at least a refurbished one.

  3. I am just shaking my head and sighing in sympathy with you.