Monday, February 16, 2009

Sleepless Night

Wind and rain outside. Worried about my house. In the family room there was once a woodbox opening from the outside to inside the house. Long ago the outer doors got misaligned and finally somebody nailed a board over the opening. For years, the woodbox was ignored and the inside opening (doors gone and another board propped in place) buried behind our many piles of things that need sorting out one day. We have recently discovered it. But what happened to the (inside) board? it's gone now. Looking in after an earlier rain, we see that there is moisture inside the woodbox. This is not good. --- In the family room there is also water damage inside from previous roof leaks. Were they ever really repaired? I don't know. ---- Then there's the side garage door that is only propped in place because the wood around the hinges is rotten and when we opened the door to take the old dryer out and the new dryer in, the door collapsed. Oh, and it looks like a little water comes in under the door. ---- Who knows how many other problems that I don't know about. ---- And the kitchen which should probably be condemned with the sink counter rotted away, the floor worn away, and a hole in the outside wall under the sink "patched" with expando foam. --- I sadly lack knowledge, money, strength. --- Still, I am grateful to have my house.

Coughing and hacking inside. Worried about my boys. Although Andrew felt better this morning than he had been and Ben also seemed better, they are pretty sick. They stayed home from church and rested. They made it to the Family Big Reveal Dinner. But after awhile it was too much for Andrew and he had to go home. Ben just lay on the floor, not at all with it. Now, in their beds, they have been coughing off and on all night. I hope getting SOME sleep.

Andrew is feeling a bit whelmed. Partly because he is sick and not fully copeable. The mission packet of things to do and get seems like a lot. Everyone talking, asking questions and giving opinions also seemed like alot. He needs rest and some quiet time with himself and the Lord.

Then we need to get to work getting him ready. One of the first things, a passport.

It is so stupid not being able to sleep. I have so much that I am responsible for, I need my sleep! Back ago, to try again. If not, John Adams, Business Law, and Jeremiah all await.


  1. I hate it when I can't sleep, especially when I know I have a million things to do the next day. I hope you were able to get back to sleep alright. Today was a holiday for you guys, right? So I hope you are able to sleep in, too. :)

  2. I did finally get to sleep around 4:30 or so and, yes! it is a holiday for me & for Seminary (finally both on the same day!). I actually slept in until 8:30! I usually cannot sleep past 7 no matter how I try. So, not too bad : ).

    Andrew seems to be in better spirits this morning. We must be careful not to over do.

    Ben is not well, though.

    In my list of house problems, I left out - no rain gutters. I worry about my foundation. I don't even know what or how to measure. If I get the gutters, Tom said he would help the boys do them. Although when he would have time is beyond me!

  3. Slathering Vics vaporub on the bottoms of your feet and then putting on socks really works to control coughs. Really! I use it on my kids and myself.

    I'm sorry the boys are not feeling well. Keep your chin up.