Friday, February 20, 2009

Furlough Friday #2

First, my friend, Cyndi W, had me take my car over to her house after work Thursday for her son-in-law to work on it. Then she insisted on driving me the maybe 4 blocks home. She delivered my car later that evening (she had a someone follow her to take her home) and refused any money. What generous people!

After missing most of the week because he's sick, Benjamin went to Seminary today. (Joseph and I were not as enthusiastic about it as we could have been. No sleeping in on Furlough Friday. sigh)

For days I have had this ache in my neck/right shoulder area. Don't know why. Sometimes it eases for a bit, but it doesn't completely go away. Aggravating.

I did not take my car to the shop today. The clock light does turn off after several minutes.

I did work on my taxes. Turbo Tax wouldn't let me free-file, but they got me a better return than the company I tried that would have. I am only getting a little bit back, but, hey! I don't owe. Next year, my deductions will probably be changed again. I don't think that I will be able to claim Andrew, as I will not be supplying most of his support, so I will have no dependents.

After living in this neighborhood 30+ years and hearing about the famous Squeeze Inn which is only a few blocks away for I don't know how long, the boys and I finally walked over and tried it. It is famous as one of, if not THE best burger place in town, and people come from out of town to go there. It's very good. It would be hard to live up to the hype.

Squeeze Inn is TINY. One counter with maybe a dozen stools. JUST enough room to walk between the stools and the wall. The working area is not any bigger than most kitchens. picnic tables out back.

Eclectic decor. although decor is a strong word. A surfboad, and a timber saw and a bunch of other stuff up in the rafters. A box of "Spotted Owl Helper" with macaroni and fleas sauce on a cluttered shelf. We liked the money origami bow-tie, and shirt and pants. I want to learn to do the shirt and pants. Wouldn't that be a cute gift with a little picture of the recipient's head ? A TV you couldn't hear with ESPN at one end and a radio playing too loudly at the other. We could hardly hear each other.

The guy that served us was great. Refilled cups twice without being asked. The cook and he both checked to see that everything was ok. Joseph and I split a Squeeze Burger and a BLT. Andrew and Benjamin had Squeezes. We shared 2 large fries. The food was good. We were stuffed. If we ever go back, we will probably have regular burgers. Regular is 1/4 pound and plain bun. Squeeze is 1/3 and sesame seed bun. Truly though, it was not better than a good burger at home, especially BBQ.

The governator has signed the budget. Rumors are everywhere about what it all means. Sounds like there will still be lay-offs - the union should not have fought the furloughs so hard! Better furloughs than lay-offs. There won't be nearly as many. I am PROBABLY safe. Neither Joseph nor Miriam have gotten surplus letters yet. Don't know why. I hope they are safe, although they are both new hires, especially Miriam!, so there's a bit of concern.

Now I need to study for my Business Law exam. One of only 3. He keeps saying that if you come to class, you will have no trouble passing and that his tests don't have any tricks. Still, I am not overly confident. My memory for technical details is not outstanding. With only 3 exams not much room to mess up!

I would rather nap.

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  1. Thanks. Now I want a burger.

    Good luck on the test!