Tuesday, February 17, 2009

No steam

: ( Andrew did not get his driver's license. Apparently, it did not quite register immediately when the examiner said, "If I don't say anything, go straight."

Andrew was in the left turn lane leaving DMV when the examiner said, "go straight." Andrew made a quick lane change. Too quick, examiner thought. And that was that.

We are not altogether certain whether he even needs to get a driver's license. His mission papers ask for him to bring a 2 year driving record. no can do. So, we need to find out whether he will be able to drive on his mission at all anyway. If not, no point paying extra insurance for 2 years, right? Another question for the Mission President.

We did get his passport application in. Should arrive in about 4 weeks. They took his birth certificate! It should come back with the passport.

I got to work just about in time for my walk to class. It was rainy, windy, and cold, but I was not really uncomfortable - with my jacket, baseball cap to keep the rain off my face, and gloves. I do need to learn to carry a lighter bag!

And I am using my fan. I haven't seen any steam. how disappointing!

ok, my quick late after school lunch is over. Now to work for the State while I still can. No word on the lay off notices yet. Although, heard the rumor that the layoffs will not be effective until July and by then we should certainly have a budget, shouldn't we???!!

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  1. Driving on his mission will depend mostly on his companion. If his companion is licensed with more experience and a clean driving record then his companion will be assigned to drive. I'm sure the mission president would still rather have Elder Robarts have a license - it would provide more flexibility in assignments. There is always the chance that the Lord may want Andrew to work with another missionary that has no license or has a bad driving record which would cause the mission to assign him to drive.