Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Into every life a little rain

It is cold, wet, and windy. Today we have to remind ourselves that we desperately need the rain. The great news is that we are piling snow on the mountains!

Speaking of snow, Tom & Ruth took the kids and Debi took her Dane, Chloe, up to the snow yesterday and had a fabulous time.

This morning we are not having a fabulous time. Joseph, "looking forward" to his commute to work, largely by bicycle, commented that if he later catches this cold/flu thing that still plagues his brothers, he is going to resent that he didn't get it today! This is a day made for staying home in bed.

In fact, in the mountains and foothills, kids are getting the day off from school. Probably not the parents, though. And not us.

In an hour, Andrew takes his drive test. My car window still doesn't roll up. He is required to roll the window down at the beginning of the test. oh, the joy.

Hoping and praying for a break in the weather for both my guys! (not looking too good, tho)

Hopefully, Andrew will pass his test. I don't know if he will be able to drive on his mission, however. His papers say he needs to bring his two year driving record. hmmm, that's a tough one. A question we will add to our list to ask the mission president.

Other questions:
-Is an electric blanket a good idea(I think so! light weight for packing and adjustable warmth!) -His papers say no video camera, does that include his little pocket camera that can take short videos? He thinks so, I hope not!

Help us think of questions so that we can get as much information as possible to help properly prepare.

I need to get ready for work. After Andrew's drive test and we apply for his passport, I need to get to work quickly as I can.

Hoping NOT to get a lay-off notice. California is in the midst of a bad budget crises. State workers were put on furlough the 1st and 3rd Friday of every month starting this month for a year and a half. We have had one furlough Friday. Frankly, if it weren't for the money crunch, we would LOVE having the time. Being a working mom is practically impossible, no matter how many women are doing it. Now word is that the union and the Governor have worked out a different furlough deal. Cutting it to one furlough day a month - which is what I suspected would happen. The Governator had first said one furlough day. The union screamed and fought. Then Arnold announced two. I thought it might be a bargaining ploy. We haven't had official word yet. Also I THINK they agreed to letting people work out with their managers when their furlough day would be. Which shoots down the governor's plan to close offices on furlough days and save on utilities. I don't know. Worst thing is that talk of lay-offs is getting serious. The ones who get laid off are going to be the poor guys who do all the daily grunt work. The ones who stay will be the higher ups who get paid heaps more and who do not know how to do the jobs they oversee. (The ones who always get the biggest raises, too. Back in the day when state workers got cost of living raises -even if everyone got the same percentage, they would get more, but always bigwigs got a bigger percentage as well.) With fewer rank and file workers to do the work, and those being furloughed, it will be a mess. Rumors are that anyone with the state 2 years or less are on the block. I am on the edge. Joseph may be in trouble. But then he can concentrate on school until they call him back. He does not have to worry about a mortgage!

I get to walk 8-9 blocks from work to my Business Law class today (and back). I am going to be a drip. After that, for once, I will probably NOT be too hot at work! But I might steam. Wouldn't that be fun? I do have a broken umbrella, but the wind is going to make that useless. Fortunately, I also have a leather jacket my aunt gave me. bad for the jacket, but good for me!

Off to prepare for a wet and busy day!


  1. Good luck! I'm sorry it's going to be such a miserable day. :(

  2. I'm praying for you and your family. Things are scary these days.

    I've got a friend with a son in Calgary. I'll have her give you some advice about what type of clothing a mission in Canada entails, if that's okay with you.

  3. Eva Aurora, Yes! Thank you. We are entering a whole new world here, and would appreciate words of wisdom from the more experienced.