Saturday, February 14, 2009

Still a Camera Shy

I used to have a Sony Mavica which took great pictures. 10x zoom! I took pictures of the construction of the Sacramento Temple about once a week until, alas! my camera died.

There followed a dearth in the land - no camera! Eventually, I bought a used camera from a beloved and trusted relative. For reasons unbeknownst to them or me, for me the camera would not work. Basically, it's battery absolutely would not hold a charge. No battery would. Every time I picked up the camera, it was dead. A year ago Thanksgiving, I returned it to its former owner who wanted to look at it - maybe work some magic? I think it remains hidden in a corner somewhere waiting for ...? At any rate, no magic has been worked and I remained camera-less. Ok, except for my cell phone and my (recently stolen, Alas and Alack!) Palm Zire.

Everyone in our house was camera-less. This is not good.

Even though I am not a good photographer and I don't shoot nearly as much as I should, I want a decent camera! There is always hope that I will learn to actually take pictures.

Finally, I decided to splurge and get the guys cameras for Christmas (and nothing else - I was spending more than I usually spend just on cameras). But, after all, there is no way I am going to send Andrew out on the experience of his life without a camera. Preferably one small enough to keep handy in a suit pocket and easy to use. - Except no camera for Joseph who doesn't want an easy use camera. He theoretically has a good camera that needs repairs - seems like it's needed fixing FOREVER. When he FINALLY tried to get his act together to send it in, it seems that he doesn't have the paperwork etc he needs to have it taken care of under warrant/service contract, so most likely he is going to have to get a new one. He didn't know all that when he helped me camera shop, but I think he stands by his decision not to have me get him one like ours.

Yes, ours. I wasn't big enough to get the two guys cameras without also getting myself one. I wrapped it up and put it under the tree with the others.

Nice little camera! Pocket sized Sony Cyber-shot 5x zoom. We love them!

But my little camera was in my little purse when the car was broken into, so it was stolen along with other things much more valuable to me than they could possibly be to the pathetic individual who stole them. (Not that I am at all bitter. I do pity someone who would do such things.)

Sariah and Ryan, being exceptionally kind and generous, ordered me another camera just like the one that got stolen. I know that meant that Ryan dedicated some overtime to me.

Just like my stolen camera, except for an annoying little quirk. Every time you want to turn it on, you have to take the battery at least part way out and put it back.

So, today, I took the replacement camera back to the store with the credit card I used to buy the 3. They were very good about taking it back -- I was still within the 90 days of original purchase. We agreed on a straight exchange. Except they didn't have any in stock nor expect to get more. So, they put money back on my charge card.

Actually, split it on 2 charge cards. I had applied for a store card when I bought the 3 so I could get the 10% discount. However the 3 cameras plus accessories went over my limit. So, I did the limit on the store card and the rest on my MC. I paid off the store card by check before leaving that day. Anyway, despite the store card charges obviously being more than the cost of 1 camera, they refunded the MC first and the store card the remainder. Anything to make things a little more complicated.

I drove to another store in that chain where they had "my camera" on display. For sale even, which would off-set the 10%. Another customer was looking at it wanting to buy. Oh, no! would she get the last one?! We were both to be disappointed as they were also out of stock. No stores in the area have any.

This one, at least, said they are expecting an order soon and the sale lasts through President's Day. I will be checking back!

I better remind the boys to charge up their batters for the Big Reveal tomorrow. (Elder Andrew Robarts has received the all-important white envelope from Salt Lake City which contains his call to serve a two year mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. - plus instructions on when to report to the Mission Training Center and what he needs, etc. He will reveal the contents to the family gathered at dinner after church Sunday and out-of-town family on telephone conference.)

Did you really read all this? Hoping it would get interesting eventually? Don't you have anything better to do? Probably. Sorry.


  1. No camera = bummer. I hope that gets fixed soon. You know, some people just have a magnetism that stops mechanical things from functioning. Maybe you're one of them!

    I am SO EXCITED to find out about Andrew's call! I hope he feels better so he can do all the whooping and jigging he wants to when he finally knows where he's going.

  2. Your camera saga is a little sad. I hope whoever took yours needed it more, and it didn't go to financing anything illicit. sigh.

    You have to post Andrew's call as soon as you can. I have been waiting!! Did you see on the Singles Ward when Kirby gets his call?? "I am going to Idaho?? I am going to Idaho!! Where is idaho?? I need a map" LOL

    Happy Sabbath.

  3. Okay, new plan. You now have a credit on your Target card, correct? Call them and ask them to send you a check for that credit. (If you don't do anything, it will sit there for a few months and eventually they'll send you a check for it anyway.) Go to, where I bought your camera, and purchase it that way. I think it was less expensive there anyway. Even with shipping. Good luck! I figured this would be an early Mother's Day gift, but at this rate, it may not get sorted out until then, anyway! lol

    Can't wait for tonight!!! :)