Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

All day I have been hearing about romance, break-ups, single-ness - it's Valentine's Day the day of love.

What do I think/feel about Valentine's Day?

It is a whole lot nicer being single on Valentine's Day than being in an unhappy marriage!!!

I have a lot of love in my life - the Lord, my children, good friends. even my dog.

I had some fun with Valentine's Day.

After attending Ruth's Valentine class and getting the Love You Much Bundle, I made valentines for just of few of the people I care about -

My children. Even with the late post office run Thursday, my Washington group got theirs on time! I hope the Cal Poly duo did, too. But if not, I love them every day, so Tuesday is fine. Two of my girls won't get theirs until tomorrow, because I ultimately decided I had too much to do to drive to their houses and that they probably were busy. Now I wish I had. One had lots of busy plans, but I think one could have used the little pick me up.

The sisters I "visit teach." Easy visiting teaching! I just left their Valentine's on their doors this morning.

The co-workers in my unit Friday. They were totally charmed.

I had red and silver hershey kisses on the "front counter" all day Friday in a red satiny bag. So, all my co-workers got a Valentine's treat from me.

One thing that I agree with my "moderately liberal" (which may mean I am an off the cliff conservative - funny how we all think we are "moderate") professor on is Valentine's. When he reminded the class to remember Valentine's Day, someone in the class piped up, "Especially the men!" The professor took exception to that stating that it is important for both men AND women to do something nice for their someone. Romance and love is not a one-way deal. Not if it is going to grow and endure.

A divorcee giving love advice. yeah, right!

Time for family prayer followed by a snug bed on a stormy night.

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  1. Happy Valentine's Day. You made it special for many people, which is much, much more than I did. Now I'm wishing I'd done stuff like you did.