Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anything else?

This morning I felt like I was getting sick. Fortunately, I feel better now, Surprisingly, considering the day it has been. So maybe not. ; )

This afternoon I got my surplus letter informing me that I may be laid off. It's a last hired, first fired thing. Possibly going back nearly 4 years of hiring. Nothing to do with the job or how well you do it.

This evening I found out that I left my car lights on. AGAIN. Two days in a row. Can you believe it? I distinctly remember turning them off. I must have gotten it backward. Today's battery guy convinced me that leaving the lights on is not my only problem. The battery was old and decrepit anyway. So, I bought a battery. Then we discovered another little problem. My clock light does not turn off - meaning perpetual battery drain. I need to take the car back to the shop earliest opportunity.

Looks like anther Furlough Friday visit to Car Care Plus. I could almost buy another car with what I have spent on it this month alone. Window, re-key, horn, smog, oil, and now, the clock light. I cannot even switch to biking - as if I were strong enough and willing to brave the weather - because the front tire blew out on my bike on the way home from the car shop last Furlough Friday!

You would think that was enough, wouldn't you?

In the midst of my battery adventures, Joseph called. On his way from work to Consumnes River College, he forgot to get his bike off the bus when he transferred buses! He wanted me to scurry across town to catch the bus and claim his bike. But of course the battery problem took too long for that. He thought the bus would be coming back to 65th St not far from where I was, but no, it went out of service. Fortunately, the bike was still on the bus and they have a place they keep bikes that were left on the bus. Joseph can go there tomorrow and, hopefully, claim his bike.

I am going to go eat a carcinogenic hamburger patty before going to pick Joseph up from his class.


  1. I am so sorry, Barbara. My heart aches for you and your family. I think the Lord will definitely provide a way. He knows of your sacrifices-a big one is sending one of your beloved sons off to a strange country where they say 'eh', aboot, and dontcha know alot.(I have a dear friend in Winnipeg). HE has much love for you and will not let you go without.

    My prayers are with you.

  2. When it rains, it pours. Crazy bad luck lately. :(

    I hope Joe gets his bike back with no problems and I hope your car stuff gets worked out. Mostly, I hope you don't get laid off! Have you heard from Miriam? She's pretty much guaranteed to be laid off, isn't she? :(