Friday, February 13, 2009

...many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away hunger.

Troubles are usually brooms and shovels that smooth the road to the good man's fortune; and many a man curses the rain that falls upon his head, and knows not that it brings abundance to drive away hunger.

My car failed at DMV when Andrew went to take his drive test.

I took it in to have the oil changed, be SMOG tested, AND to get the HORN FIXED.

$250.oo later I picked up my car and they said to me, "The horn works." I confirmed that the oil was also changed and the DMV was apprised that it had passed SMOG.

We drove the car for a couple of weeks never thinking of testing the horn except when driving through neighborhoods or in traffic, not when somewhere unlikely to disturb people.

FINALLY, driving home from church between railroad tracks and a lumber yard, we remembered. Actually, we forgot until we were amongst houses, but turned around and deliberately went back to test the horn. Which remained silent. Nothing.

Yesterday, having the day off, I took the car back.

Story within a story - Put my bike up on the rack to ride home while leaving the car. The last time my bike was out of the shed, I had it completely overhauled, tuned up, checked out. That was probably September, so naturally the tires needed pumping up. Joseph, nicely did that for me. Anyway, so I started to ride home. One block from the car shop, waiting for the light at Folsom and Power Inn, the front tire blew out. I got to walk my bike home. grrr.
Fortunately, the weather was nice.

Of course, I had to walk back to pick up my car. (I had called my favorite no-charge taxi service, but apparently my daughter has a life, too, and was busy, didn't even get my message, I think.) No complaints, really, it was a good day for a walk, and we all know I need the exercise!

Well, the horn works temporarily. Last we checked. Wires are loose somewhere.

Today, I left my car again and walked to light rail (just a few blocks). They are going to take the steering column apart. That will be another $100, please. sigh.

What is it with me and things even remotely mechanical?! the car, the bike, the dryer, the nice little camera Sariah sent me which you cannot turn on unless you remove and replace the battery each time. That's the latest set. Faithful readers know these are not the first mechanical problems I have had.

OK, enough griping.

Now for a brief tender mercy.

We need rain and I pray for it daily. We are finally getting some. But, not yesterday when I was hoofing it 2.5 miles each way between home and Car Care Plus. ; ) Last night it really rained. When we had family prayer this morning, it was raining well. I was thinking about that walk to Light Rail and about Joseph having to bike to work. Not as thankful as I should be. It rained during Seminary while I "walked the dog" in the church parking lot. Dangnabbit, this building does not have nice sheltering trees like our old one did. Near the end of Seminary, the rain eased. By the time Joseph got on his bike and I dropped off my car, the weather was clear and lovely. : )


  1. Car Care Plus called. A master switch needs to be replaced. Not $110, nearly $250.

    I can think of so many more fun ways to spend money!

    But I need my car. and I kind of like it.